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  • Description: micro welding laser systems are ideal for a wide range of large plastic injection mold, tool & die maintenance and repair applications. Lay a bead as small as .0025” / 0.05mm Repair slots, pockets, radius contours and angles Repair polished, textured and engraved surfaces Repair thin

    • Process / Operation: Laser Welding
    • Automation / Control: Manual Workstation
    • Type: Complete / Turnkey System
    • Options / Components: Laser Head / Focusing Unit, Laser Optics / Beam Delivery, Laser System Enclosure

  • Description: thick armor plate or slice through thin sheet metal—all with amazingly tight tolerances. 3 axis laser cutting systems provide speed, accuracy and flexibility, while the 5-axis systems are ideal for cutting complex contours and shapes.

    • Materials: Ferrous Metals, Nonferrous Metals, Exotic Metals and Alloys, Plastic
    • Stamping Capabilities: Blanking / Piercing
    • Additional Manufacturing Capabilities: Drilling / Tapping, EDM Cutting, Grinding, Tool Making, CNC Machining, Water / Abrasive Jet Cutting, Welding
    • Services Offered: Assembly Services, Engineering / Design Assistance, Prototype / Short Run

  • Description: . Both systems quickly apply complex variable data (ID matrix/ bar codes, logos, characters, [serial] numbers, individual data, etc.) on moving and static products. Additional advantages include further ease of integration due to the system's dovetail joint mounting interface and a multilingual user

    • Type: Complete / Turnkey System
    • Options / Components: Fume Extractor, Galvanometer Scanner, Laser Head / Focusing Unit, Laser Optics / Beam Delivery, Laser System Enclosure, Monitoring Sensors / System, Pointing Diode / Beam Injector
    • Process / Operation: Laser Drilling / Perforating, Laser Marking, Laser Kiss Cutting / Scribing, Laser Forming / Cladding, Micromachining / Trimming
    • Materials Processed: Metal / Conductive Materials, Plastics / Non-conductive, Semiconductors / Electronics, Tissue / Medical

  • Description: accumulator charging • Charging air bag storage vessels • Missile and satellite launch and guidance systems • Component testing • Laser cutting and welding • Oilfeld high volume gas testing • Automotive hoses and component gas testing • Hot isostatic pressing &bull

    • Market Segment: General Industrial, Commercial
    • Type Of Pump: Booster Pumps
    • Compressor Technology: Reciprocating Piston
    • Power Source: Hydraulic

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  • Laser ENgraving and Cutting on Plastics
    Laser machines from Trotec are used for laser cutting and marking of a wide variety of plastics. Whether you wish to laser cut plastic material or laser engrave polyethylene and silicone - we offer you the optimum laser system for your application. Laser Cut Plastic | Plastic Laser Cutting Machines
  • Laser Cutting Ceramics
    is decisively better and if the process becomes more reliable. Laser applications in plastic materials cutting have grown considerably in many industries since it is now possible to achieve a superior quality finished product along with greater process reliability. Microsoft Word - wl_article_laser_cutting
  • Laser Cutting Natural Stone
    is relatively new, high-power lasers are. increasingly being used for material removal operations such as drilling, cutting and. scribing on many classes of engineering materials, including plastics, reinforced plastic. fibers like fiberglass, ceramics and metal alloys. Lasers have been particularly
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 245: Laser Cutting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites, Marking SMT Chip Resistors, Basic Laser System Configurations. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, September 2, 2010. Issue 245. Applications at a Glance. Cutting Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Plastic Microfluidics Assembly with Lasers (.pdf)
    , laser-transparent plastic material and onto a bottom, laser-absorbent material. The laser is absorbed and transformed into heat. With the parts clamped together, the heat is conducted into both components, creating a hermetic bond. Most thermoplastics can be joined with laser, including PC, PMMA
  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 246: Laser Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard, Direct Part Marking on Stainless Steel, CO2 Lasers Aid Photovoltaic Manufacturing. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, September 16, 2010. Issue 246. Applications at a Glance. Cutting 13-Layer Dieboard. Direct Part Marking
  • Laser Cutting Polymeric Plastics
    Word - wl_article_laser_cutting_plastics.doc. Laser Cutting Polymeric Plastics. Researched, compiled and written by World Lasers, Inc. © 2007. Worldwide Use of Polymeric Platics: To-day, almost in every endeavor of human existence we come across items made of. plastic material. Over the past 50 years
  • Medical Device Link . Lasers Illuminate New Frontiers in Medicine Working on a microscopic level, new laser applications perforate, move, cut, and map human cells.
    . Both are extensions of the laser scalpels first used by surgeons years ago. But this new breed of laser is distinguished by its limited cutting power and greater portability. These battery-powered lasers penetrate only to the capillary level, freeing a drop or two of blood in the process enough