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  • Plastic Media Blasting in Automotive Restoration
    This article looks at the use of Plastic Media Blasting in Automotive Restoration. Plastic Media Blasting Automotive Restoration. Home |. What's New |. Blog |. Products |. Special Applications |. MSDS & Technical Data |. About Us |. Contact Us. PRODUCTS MENU. Walnut Shell. Plastic Blasting Media
  • Plastic Media Blasting for Powder Coating Removal
    An effective method for stripping all metal types, plastic media blasting removes all or a portion of a cured powder coating from the surface of a part without causing damage. This article defines plastic media blasting and compares it to several other stripping methods used in powder coating
  • Dust and Fume Collectors for Blasting Applications
    . Learn. Download Blasting Focus Sheet (PDF). Benefits of the Farr Gold Series. Blasting Customer List. Installation Photos. Contact us for a free quote!. Capture Dust From All Types of Blasting: Wheel blasters. Air blasters. Cabinet blasters. Blasting rooms. Sandblasting. Plastic media blasting
  • what is grit blasting
    oxide. Silicon carbide. Plastic. Walnut shell. Corn cob. Baking soda. Ceramic grit. Copper slag. Media selection is a crucial decision in the engineering of abrasive blasting processes. The different media types have different hardness, shape, and density, and each is available in a wide range
  • ARMEX (R) Blast Media and the ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM (R) ... Packing a Punch in the Power House
    in the industry. > > Register Here. 800.332.5424. "Armex (R) ...industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive technology.". ARMEX® - Baking Soda Abrasives: Case Studies - Pulp and Paper: Stack Cleaning Blasting in a generator house. ARMEX (R) Blast Media and the ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM (R) ... packing
  • Automotive / Aerospace Application Profile (.pdf)
    media blasting systems are used to remove paint and. other coatings on projects that vary from small automotive components. to components for various aircrafts. The level of complexity of plastic. media blasting ranges from manual blast rooms to fully automated. robotic systems, which reduce
  • Chicago using ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems to Remove Graffiti from Buildings, Shelters
    two pounds per square foot of area depainted. These features reduce the amount of time and materials normally required with sand blasting and its inherent work area clean up. The Bureau's evaluation also revealed that the environmentally sensible formulation, ARMEX (R) Blast Media permits easy
  • Turning Dust Into Dollars
    in the form of a dry powder with few oversize particles, providing an instant byproduct. Bowling Green North sells the fines as aglime, but they can be used in a variety of applications ranging from plastic filler to cement. Classification, Separation of Superpave Article by Sturtevant. Back to articles