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  • High-resolution 3D shape measurement on specular surfaces by fringe reflection
    A parabolic metal mirror out of the manufacturing process for plastic lenses.(Fig. 16a) was measured by fringe reflection (height in Fig. 16b) and revealed microstructure features from manufacturing in the curvature (Fig. 16c) and microstructure heights which were separated into tangential...
  • Integrated quality assurance for assembly and testing of complex structures
    As an example a parabolic metal mirror out of the manufacturing process for plastic lenses.(Fig. 15a) was measured by fringe reflection (height in Fig. 15b) and revealed microstructure features from manufacturing in the curvature (Fig. 15c) and microstructure heights which were...
  • Ultralightweight galvanic mirrors
    The galvano plastic parabolic mirror replication technology exhibits a very interesting spin off from the manufacturing of ultra lightweight conical or hyperbolic/parabolic mirror shells.
  • Design and analysis of quasi-optical THz time domain imaging systems
    In the optical system 90° off-axis parabolic mirrors are combined with aspheric plastic lenses. The lenses were manufactured by ultra-precision machining.
  • Assessment and potential use of concentrating solar power plants in Serbia and Republic of Srpska
    Flat mirrors with plastic reflectors are formed by stretching plastic foils over the firm frame [14]. Aluminum foil mirrors . For the manufacture of parabolic solar concentrators alumi- num foil is mostly used due to its lightness, high reflection coefficient and adhesive easily fixed to the supporting structure [12].
  • Parabolic liquid mirrors: reference surfaces in interferometry container spin casted to the right focal length and the right diameter have to be manufactured . Up to now, we have already used with success, the parabolic liquid mirror to control a null lens. ...null lens was made to test under vacuum, a parabolic carbon fibre reinforced plastic mirror at the...
  • On creating multilayer X-ray focusing mirrors
    Depending on the cylindrical surface shape (ellip tic or parabolic ), the mirrors are used for light re col limation with a particular scale factor, or for making a parallel beam out of a divergent beam (collimation) and vice versa (focusing a parallel... We developed a method for manufacturing cylin drical mirrors [1–5] based on three methods: elastic bending, plastic bending, and replication.
  • Mirror-concentrator for space telescope with wide field of view and "high" angular resolution for observation of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays and other atmosph...
    TUS contains multi-channel photo receiver and Fresnel-type mirror manufactured with use of special multi-layer carbon plastic technology in RSC “Energia�?. In two component system ( parabolic mirror and a Fresnel lens, mounted close to photo receiver) it is...
  • Third�?generation EUCLIDES concentrator results
    Similarly, the plastic metallised thin films (3M and Alcoa) failed to protect the silver from these harsh... In the new EUCLIDES III, the concentrator mirrors form- ing the linear parabolic collectors, each with a focal length of 600mm, dimensions of 1247 × 1174mm2 and an aperture Mir- ror manufacturing was subcontracted to the Spanish company Induglas.
  • Advanced PV concentrators
    This means that they can be manufactured with the same techniques (typically plastic injection molding or glass molding) and that their production cost is the same i.e., with a high potential for low cost and high optical efficiency. We have developed two different Kohler-based designs (1) Fresnel lens + secondary element (Fresnel-R); (2) Parabolic mirror + secondary reflective element + tertiary element (XXR).

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