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  • Spherical Mirrors-Image
    Spherical Mirrors - (88 companies) center thickness or edge thickness. Focal length is the distance from the spherical mirror the light converges. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make spherical mirrors. The material used influences the reflectivity... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Mirrors-Image
    Optical Mirrors - (381 companies) the radius of curvature for the mirror. There are two thickness measurements for optical mirrors: center thickness and edge thickness. Units of measure include inches, feet, and yards; nanometers, centimeters, and millimeters, and miles... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Reflectors-Image
    Reflectors - (52 companies)
    ...reflectors are a circular segment from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is off the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, these mirrors direct and focus incident collimated... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Parabolic Mirrors-Image
    Parabolic Mirrors - (37 companies) the distance from the mirror the light converges. Materials. Parabolic mirrors can be supplied in a variety of materials. Mirror material refers to the classification of the material used to make the mirror. The material used influences... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mirror Mounts-Image
    Mirror Mounts - (26 companies) in a precise position where it is not being adjusted. There are many types of mirrors that are used for mirror mounts. Examples include laser mirrors, parabolic mirrors, optic mirrors, and flat mirrors. Laser mirrors are designed for high reflectance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Tubing - (628 companies)
    Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems, or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies. How to Select Plastic Tubing. Image Credit: ICO RALLY | Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Valves - (341 companies)
    Plastic valves are made from plastic materials and are used in applications that require corrosion resistance and/or chemical handling. Materials. Acetal polymers offer excellent lubricity, fatigue resistance, and chemical resistance. Polyvinyl... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Bearings - (163 companies)
    Description. Plastic bearings are used in wet and corrosive environments, clean environments, areas that are difficult to lubricate, and applications that require non-magnetic bearings. Video Credit: igus (R) inc. Materials. They are made from... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laser Mirrors - (83 companies)
    Image Credit: Edmund Optics | CVI Laser Optics. Laser mirrors are designed for high reflectance and durability at individual laser wavelength ranges. Laser mirrors are used on the surface of solid-state lasers including alexandrite, Nd-glass, ruby... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Plastic Pipe - (201 companies)
    Plastic Pipe is used in similar applications as traditional metal and ceramic pipe but offers significant savings in weight and installation. Standards now exist for plastic pipe to be used in hazardous environments and in fire protection systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...main parts required. and plastic molded connectors are in. thermal management built into the system. for a HB LED or a CPV cell package, as. themselves part of a fast moving industry. to ensure long term reliability. shown in Figure 3. high technology, high volume industry. The MJ CPV cell device...

...technologies for the electronics industry. A. of mW is well developed for high power. comparison to hB-leD technology. chip package is just a box with connectors,. LEDs, the CPV devices do need good. Typically there are 4 main parts required. and plastic molded connectors are in. thermal...

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Light-emitting diode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Readouts in calculators were so small that plastic lenses were built over each digit to make them legible.

Optical fiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An optical fiber (or optical fibre) is a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass (silica) or plastic, slightly thicker than a human hair.

Optical-Level Structural Modelling of Membrane Mirrors for...
structural modelling tools are required to create valid operational concepts, specify manufacturing tolerances, and define structural control needs.


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Magnetic Deformable Mirror suits beam shaping applications.

Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy - SPIE Astronomical...
Review of Corning's capabilities for ULE mirror blank manufacturing for an extremely large telescope

Astronomical Structures and Mechanisms Technology - SPIE...
GmbH, Friedrichshafen is currently engaged with the development, manufacturing and testing of the advanced dimensionally stable composite reflectors

optics buyer's guide buy sale quote US$ company manufacturer...
15x, 18x, Mirrors: concave, parabolic, plano, Filters: UV, IR, Dichronic, BG, RG ..., Technical Glass Components, Plastic: aspheric, spheric,

Parasquare 1 Industry Standard Small Cell Parabolic Louver
Products Parabolic Louvers Finishes Parasquare 1 (P1) Mirror Panel Injection Molded Lenses Eggcrate Louvers
See SLP Lighting Information

Educational Reference Teachers Grades 7-12 National...
in the air we breathe come Radiation from the sun mainly from manufacturing industries, elec- tric power plants, exhaust from automobiles, mostly

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