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  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: Polycarbonate
    Polycarbonates are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. They are easily worked, moulded, and thermoformed; as such, these plastics are very widely used in many modern industries. Their interesting features, such as temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties, position
  • Application Note: Using Optical Fluids and Gels (.pdf)
    Optical Coupling Fluids & Gels serve as a "bridge" for light signals by carrying light between different media such as transparent plastic or glass light pipes or lenses. ./96bcb35d-6731-4a3e-b53d-5d7a7d3eb471 Application Note. USING OPTICAL FLUIDS & GELS. Optical Coupling Fluids & Gels serve
  • Application Note: Working with Curing Optical Gels (.pdf)
    Nye's Curing Optical Gels are crystal clear encapsulation materials which serve as a "bridge" for light signals by carrying light between different media such as transparent plastic or glass lenses or semiconductor electro-optic components. WORKING WITH CURING OPTICAL GELS. WORKING WITH CURING
  • Optical Bonding of LCDs, OLEDs and Plasma Displays
    for use with elements which are rigid and may be substantial in size, while lamination is suitable for affixing a thin membrane, such as an antireflective-coated plastic film, to a more or less rigid substrate, such as an LCD, OLED, Plasma display, touch sensor or anti-vandal shield. Optical Bonding
  • Optical Enhancement Tutorial
    will severely degrade the display materials. Consequently, a secondary optical element must be considered, which can be either a glass or plastic overlay that has the antireflection coating applied to it. However, if this overlay is merely physically mounted in front of the display, there are still
  • Ultra-Precise 6D-Measuring System for Optical Surfaces (.pdf)
    . into the manufacturing cell avoids. Fig. 1: The tighter the tolerances required for a product, the higher the precision. complex and time-consuming setup. required of the testing equipment. The optical mold inserts for production of plastic. steps and completely eliminates. or glass lenses have
  • Silicone Lenses for LEDs Resist UV and High-Temperature Operation
    methacrylimide) and PC (polycarbonate) are quite commonly used for lenses and other optical elements to realize different emission characteristics of high-brightness LEDs. Their advantage is the low cost of the plastic resins, as well as the high transparency and easy manufacturing with standard
  • Optical Gels: A Light Bridge to the Future (.pdf)
    in the gap with the. index-matching optical fluid allowed. the light to flow from one cable to the. Relative Motion between lens. Plastic (PMMA) lens. and photodetector occurs dur-. Incident. seals and protects photo-. ing soldering, or mechanical. Light Signal. other with minimal reflection. diode sensor

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