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  • Techical Reference: Feed-To-Length System (.pdf)
    fine gauge wire, to slabs of steel, to sheets of plastic. Post-feed processes include cutting, welding, scoring, and stamping, to name a few.
  • Champions for Change-Applications Guidance for Innovations:
    The Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) recognizes that packaging. innovation drives the growth of bottles available for recycling and that growth in the supply of. these bottles is essential to the well being of the plastic bottle recycling industry. APR also. recognizes that some
  • The Heat Stake Advantage
    Technical Article in the characteristics and requirements for the designa nd implementation of heat staking as a technique for plastic assembly. Includes basic design guidelines and process details related to thermal assembly used in plastic assembly. Includes breif descriptions of thermal
  • Tooling for Plastics Extrusions Lesson 102
    In this second of our 'educational' blogs we introduce the subject of tooling. When asked what the word "tooling" means in the context of the plastic extrusion process, there is a two-part answer. Part one is the die, which is used to shape the cross-section of the profile as the plastic
  • An Investigation Into the Problems Associated with Extrusion of Reground LDPE
    The quantity of polymeric material used to produce consumer products is increasing on a daily basis. Along with this increase in material consumption is a corresponding increase in plastic waste generation either from polymer production and product fabrication, or as post consumer waste. A number
  • Laser Marking Fundamentals (.pdf)
    Lasers are the best solution for marking plastics, as many inks either have difficulty adhering to them or quickly wear away, and many labels simply will not stick. Other processes produce unclear marks or require post-process operations. Laser marks generally require no post-process finishing
  • Environmental Kudos for GE Plastics
    . Xenoy iQ resin is an alloy of PBT and polycarbonate (PC) based polymers, also derived from 85% post-consumer plastic waste. The proprietary manufacturing process for these materials doesnt involve recycling, but rather upcycling, a novel way to regenerate and upgrade low-end synthetic solid waste
  • Enhanced Paint Holding Capacity and Run-Off Characteristics (.pdf)
    terephthalate (PET) layer; together these two layers constitute a 2.0" loft product with a weight of 1.80 ounces per square foot. Polyvinyl acetate is used as a binder. Recycled post consumer PET material made from plastic bottles is a 6 den natural green polyester blend. The white layer serves to collect

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