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    Pultrusion Machines - (12 companies)
    ...pultrusion machines form plastic, rubber, metal, or composite products from raw materials that have been preheated. Cold pultrusion machines do not. Pultrusion machines use two types of pullers: reciprocating and caterpillar. Reciprocating pullers...
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  • Plastic Extrusion Services-Image
    Plastic Extrusion Services - (350 companies)
    Plastic extrusion services suppliers specialize in extruding plastics and polymer compounds into custom and standard profiles and shapes. How to Select Plastic Extrusion Services. Image Credit: Malish Plastics; Preferred Plastics, Inc. Plastic...
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  • Polymers and Plastic Resins-Image
    Polymers and Plastic Resins - (957 companies)
    Polymers and plastic materials are organic, synthetic or processed polymers that are supplied as raw materials. They typically consist of thermoplastic or thermosetting resins in the form of pellets, powders or liquid resins. These materials can...
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    Cores and Tubes - (44 companies)
    Cores and tubes are made of paper, plastic or metal and are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Cores and tubes are used for mailing, shipping, material handling, and product display. Product types include plastic...
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  • Extrusion Machines-Image
    Extrusion Machines - (326 companies)
    ...types of extrusion machines. Often, suppliers categorize products by the material extruded or the extrusion technology. For example, plastic extruders are designed to shape plastic materials in pipe extrusion, profile extrusion, and sheet extrusion...
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    Pultrusion Services - (23 companies)
    Pultrusion Services Information. Pultrusion services produce fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) profiles such as rods, angles, tubes, and sheets by pulling fibers and resins through a heated die in a continuous process. Typically, pultruded products...
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    Extrusion Services - (939 companies) eliminates scrap and waste metal generated from machine processes which cut material from a larger block. Less waste means lower material costs and no time or money used for machining and disposal of the waste metal. Extrusion often minimizes the need...
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    Composites and Composite Materials - (264 companies)
    ...reinforcement materials through a container of resin mixture. Automated tape lay-up feeds a prepeg tape material through an automated tape machine. Resin transfer molding is used to join parts with two smooth surfaces. Pultrusion pulls continuous roving strands...
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    Plastic Tubing - (628 companies)
    Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems, or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies. Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid...
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    Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication - (71 companies)
    Plastic mold equipment design and plastic mold equipment fabrication services specialize in the design and fabrication of equipment for many different types of plastic molds. Depending on the customer 's requirements, a machine may produce a plastic...
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    Since the largest three (of a total of 40) user firms in 1978 (Glastic Corp.; Morrison Molded Fiberglass; Polygon Plastics ) had 15-20 pultrusion machines each at that time, we judge it a conservative lower bound to assume that such a firm …
  • Plastic Plate, Rod, and Stock Shapes
    They are fabricated through molding, casting, extrusion, pultrusion , machining , thermal forming, plastic welding, blow molding, and grinding processes.
  • Modern Plastics Handbook > Design of Plastic Products
    With the exception of extrusion, machining , and pultrusion , all of the plastics processes require draft.
  • ZASMHBA0003417
    … Inc. W.B. Goldsworthy and D.W. Johnson, Cutting Through the Glass Ceiling: A Report on the Development of an Innovative In-Line Machining Center to Economically Fabricate Pultrusions for Civil Engineering Applications … … 53rd Annual Society of Plastics Industry Conference, Feb 1998 …
  • Composites for Construction: Structural Design with FRP Materials Complete Document
    A&P Technology: braided fabrics Akzo: peroxides Aldrich: dimethyl analine AOC: polyester resins Ashland: hetron resins Dow: momentum resins DuPont: aramid fibers Engelhard: kaolin clay fillers Entec Composite Machines : pultrusion equipment Frekote: mold releases … … Engineered Materials: fillers Magnolia Plastics , Inc.: epoxy resins Nexus …
  • Computer Applications for Modeling, Simulation, and Automobile
    … strength (St/ρ), specific rigidity (E/ρ), wear resistance, fatigue property, and heat- resistant and corrosion-resistant property.[2] Carbon fiber reinforced plastic can create the desired … … RTM (resin transfer molding), pultrusion , and hot press molding but the secondary machining is required for connecting …
  • Dictionary of Materials and Testing, Second Edition
    See tensile test. pulp See slime. pultrusion Process of pulling continuous lengths of resin-impregnated fiber through a shaped, heated dieto produce lengths of reinforced plastic . pumice A light-colored, vesicular … … forging, or stamping in a machine whereby the mating die …
  • Handbook of Materials Selection Complete Document
    … high-performance thermoplastic matrix composites, 1101–1103 infiltration in, 1046–1048 injection-molded short-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, 1107–1110 prepreg, 1067–1076 press molding, 1065–1067 and properties of composites, 1038–1045 pultrusion , 1090–1095 rate of build … … processing effects, 1213–1214 and machining of plastics , 893 of magnesium alloys …
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 Complete Document
    The main processes for manufacturing large quantities of plastics products are extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and sheet thermoforming for thermoplastic materials; compression molding, transfer molding, prepreg molding, and pultrusion for thermoset- ting materials. More tonnage of thermoplastics pass through extrusion machines than any type of plas- .
  • ZASMHBA0003068
    See also prepreg. pug mill, A machine consisting of augerlike blades mounted in a trough for use in the mixing, compression, and extrusion of plastic clay bodies. pufforming. A modification of pultrusion to enable articles with variable cross section to be manufactured. pull.