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  • Plastics Processing..... How Plastic Resin Becomes Pipe, Valve, Etc.
    Pipe is one of the more common types of plastic product we are familiar with. Pipe is produced by an extrusion process. Basically extrusion can be defined as forcing a material through a die orifice. This die orifice produces the final shape of the finished product. It is probably a bit of over
  • Unfilled Resins
    Raw materials or unfilled resins do not contain any additional modifiers such as fillers, colorants, dispersants, plasticizers, wetting agents, levelers or defoamers. Unfilled resins are used as starting components or raw materials for the production of finished plastic resins, elastomers
  • Molding a better plastic nut
    Injection molding can bolster performance and cut the cost of power-transmission nuts. Kyle Bober Haydon Switch and The reinforcing fibers inside a injectionmolded plastic nut don't penetrate the thread surface. Its machined counterpart, on the other hand, will often have cut and exposed
  • Plastic Compounder's PET Project: Recycling
    Plastic water bottles can be "upcycled " into durable materials with properties equivalent to virgin polymer. Platform Technology Manager, Crystalline Polymers Div. Talking about going green has become a national pastime in recent years. Implementing energy-saving processes, using recycled
  • Two-part Casting Resin
    Two-part casting resins are plastic or elastomer compounds used to cast parts, molds or form a structure in place. They are available in the form of spray foams, "froth-packs", and A + B pourable foams. Two-part casting resins usually consist of two part (A+B) systems that are cast into open molds
  • Injection Molding with Composite Stereolithography Resins
    materials, composite resins, coupled with high resolution SL technology, shows signs of breaking the mold. Molds made of these resins have been used to make hundreds of injection-molded parts out of plastic materials such as ABS, polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC
  • Plastic Bearings
    loads. Composite materials that consist of cotton fabric, or other fillers bonded with phenolic resin. The compatibility of the phenolics makes them easily lubricated by various fluids. They have replaced wood bearings and metals in such applications as propeller and rubber-shaft bearings in ships
  • New resin helps make direct manufacturing practical
    with building tools for conventional injection molding or casting operations. VG Kunststofftechnik successfully produced 1,000 electromagnetic coils from NanoForm in just one week. The parts were immediately reeled up, mounted, soldered, and plastic coated. This saved Siemens approximately $40,000

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