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  • Company Gets More out of Their Pre-Cleaning Room with Roll-Up Doors
    the doorway. Caustics are used in this room and standard door panels and aluminum side guides could be eventually eaten away. The Power-Roll plastic side guides are resistant to forklift impact. "And," says Bradford, "the door's non-stick vinyl surface can eb easily cleaned and there is virtually
  • Air Curtains Circulate Good Ideas for Food Service Facilities
    design. Models are typically available in numerous finishes such as anodized-aluminum, powder-coated and custom-painted types to fit in with a variety of design schemes. Air curtains can also be used in conjunction with plastic strip doors or swinging plastic doors, such as at the entrances of walk-in
  • Curtains Give Plastics Manufacturer Flexible Possibilities
    Leading Industry, Inc. is a growing thermoplastics manufacturer turning out products such as blister packs, clamshells, plastic trays and packaging for electrostatic discharge (ESD), food, medical and retail products at a new facility in Oxnard, CA. Along with thermoforming they extrude their own
  • Medical Device Link .
    , FL 33626. Custom switch assembly A maker of custom control panels, membrane switches, and display filters and lenses can provide shielding for ESD, EMI, and RFI. A custom switch assembly combines plastic extrusions, a membrane switch, and mechanical actuators. The mechanical actuators placed over
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Profile and sheet extrusion
    line begins with the hopper which holds the plastic material (in either powder or granule form). The hopper continuously feeds the material to a heated barrel which contains a rotating screw. This screw transports the polymer to the die head and simultaneously the material is heated, mixed
  • Medical Device Link .
    Pneumatic and vacuum control equipment suited for medical device applications is featured on a company s Web site. Equipment includes modular precision regulators and manifold systems, pressure and vacuum switches, min- iature quick disconnects, plastic fittings, and interface devices. Custom
  • Strong epoxy bonds without a hitch
    Elkhart, Ind. Araldite 2011 epoxy from The Woodlands, Tex., securely bonds aluminum, plywood, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels to the vehicle sidewall frames. The epoxy cures quickly with lap shear and roller peel strengths of 2.6 kpsi and 28 pli, respectively. The epoxy stands up well
  • Medical Device Link .
    . PlasticWeld Systems, 3690 Coomer Rd., Newfane, NY 14108. Tubing cutting system A tubing cutting system cuts a variety of sizes and shapes of plastic, elastomeric, and rubber tubing. Tubing sizes can be up to 1/2 in. diam, and four lengths of material can be cut at a time. The system is portable
  • Medical Device Link .
    the spilled contents of a broken bottle. The inspection head houses a radiation source and detector system that measures the relative density of the case as it passes through the inspection zone. The system can inspect cardboard, paper, plastic, or wood cases on fixed- or variable-speed lines. Several
  • Medical Device Link .
    in cleanroom environments. In addition to causing violent allergic reactions among a small number of users, there has been growing concern about whether plastic latex gloves are a safe barrier against virus-containing fluids. A paper presented at a meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma