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Parts by Number for Plastic Vial Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LMO GTA.99.184.2PE PEI-Genesis Lemo Not Provided LARGE PLASTIC PIN VIAL
LMO GTA.99.133.1PE PEI-Genesis Lemo Not Provided MEDIUM PLASTIC PIN VIAL
GTA.99.184.2PE Digi-Key LEMO Undefined Category LARGE PLASTIC PIN VIAL
GTA.99.083.1PE Digi-Key LEMO Undefined Category SMALL PLASTIC PIN VIAL
GTA.99.133.1PE Digi-Key LEMO Undefined Category MEDIUM PLASTIC PIN VIAL

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  • Case Study: Medical Products (.pdf)
    What is being marked?. Small plastic vials with 24% sucrose solution for children. This manufacturer produces medical products for premature and sick newborns. Why is it being marked?. Primary packaging identification. Printed message includes 2 lines (Line 1 is 7 high), product brand name 1 ml
  • RFID Battles the Elements
    Services (Lyonville, Pa.) have skirted this issue by placing small (8.9 mm in diameter) HF tags within plastic vial caps. The RF readers can then be positioned atop the conveyor. In tests, the West Spectra caps have achieved Six Sigma-level read rates, claims Ken Reich, marketing director for Tagsys
  • Medical Device Link .
    and could interfere with treatment of the targeted condition. These drugs are usually contained in flexible plastic vials with suitable sized dropper tips. Finger pressure on the delivery vial forces the drops out onto the eye surface. When the pressure is removed, the elastic recovery of the vial creates
  • Nylon Label Test in Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) Cryogenics Test Report (.pdf)
    after removal from the liquid nitrogen, each label was lightly. probed with a fingernail to determine if it was loose or easy to peel.  The samples were allowed to return to room temperature. Test Results: (See figure 2). Samples A and B (plastic vials).  During testing: all labels held firm
  • Medical Device Link .
    authorities. Closed-vial technology is emerging, which uses irradiation to sterilise a plastic vial prior to aseptic filling with a drug. Cyclo-olefin copolymer is used in the manufacture of vials because of its high transparency, purity and barrier properties. By using this material, pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device Link . The Effect of Molecular Orientation on the Radiation Stability of Polypropylene
    effect of the injection molding process is that it imparts molecular orientation to the plastic in the direction of polymer flow. The present investigation is designed to determine the effect of this orientation on the radiation resistance of PP, with the goal of aiding in the design, manufacture
  • Packaging Machine Builders Stress Performance, Flexibility
    replaces the cotton in the headspace of bottles with clean plastic FDA-approved films. These films, which already are preferred to cotton in the Pacific Rim region, offer greater product protection and longer shelf life, are easier to remove and facilitate promotional opportunities, according
  • New Openings in Bottles and Closurers
    has applied its Helical Lock system. nificant improvements in accessibility. i. n. g. drug firms are talking with customers. to glass and plastic vials for maintaining. and ease-of use is identified through a. a. k. seal integrity after sterilization. c. and working with suppliers to develop. formal

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