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Parts by Number for Plastic Welding Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KL22P-T Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Cap'N Hook Outfit W/ Plastic Stand And Tanks For Cutting, Welding And Brazing
KC100PT Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Centurion Outfit W/ Plastic Stand And Tanks For Welding And Brazing
KL71-4P Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Patriot Outfit W/ Plastic Stand For Cutting, Welding And Brazing
34854 Global Industrial Steinel America Inc. Not Provided Steinel Hl 2010 E Professional Heat Gun W/ Plastic Welding Kit
47809 Global Industrial Global Industrial Not Provided Versachem ® Plastic Welding, 47809, 25ml Syringe
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  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    An understanding of ultrasonic welders helps designers apply this assembly method efficiently. Actuator shown is used for semiautomatic or fully automated CNC plastic-welding applications and includes a converter and booster horn. Modular press system for manual ultrasonic plastic welding includes
  • Automation Speeds Clear-Plastic Welding
    Laser welding is a viable alternative to more-conventional methods for joining plastics, and in recent years techniques have been developed to weld even clear materials. Manufacturing advances, including inkjet and tabletop dispensers, now make this a viable alternative in low and high-production
  • Laser Welding of Plastics (.pdf)
    Plastic welding using a laser source has become an alternative to conventional plastics joining technologies, such as gluing, ultrasonic, vibration or element heating technology by offering flexible seam contouring, minimal heat input and consistent weld quality. The laser source can be either Nd
  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    of plastic welding have been found since the need to join plastic parts became of great importance. Methods like vibration, linear/orbital, ultrasonic, spin, and hot plate welding have been used but with the development of the fiber laser, it has been noticed that laser welding is very efficient
  • Laser Staking Securely Joins Plastic Parts for Printed-Circuit Boards
    as laser plastic welding. A material transparent to the laser beam is joined to a material which absorbs the laser energy. The absorbed energy is transmitted as heat through the absorbing material and melts both the absorber and the transparent layer through conduction. The technique is sometimes referred
  • Laser Welding Tightly-Wound Coils (.pdf)
    the laser welding process, for the duration of the weld pulse, the material is in a molten state. During this molten state, the coil can break, retract, and spring-out resulting in tears in the coil. Laser Welding of Plastics. Laser Welding of Plastics. Plastic welding using a laser source has become
  • Plastic Microfluidics Assembly with Lasers (.pdf)
    Development of microfluidic devices has proven successful in the lab. As quantities increase plastic is the the ideal material due to its relative low cost and inherent clarity. Advancements in through-transmission-IR bonding now allow for plastic bonding of very small and sophisticated geometries
  • Why Rubber Tubing Tolerances may be Different than Plastic/Rigid Tubing Tolerances
    Even though manufacturing tolerances of rubber tubing are wider than plastic/rigid tubing, rubber can provide product solutions not available in plastic or metal. "Manufacturing Tolerance" is defined as the difference between the upper and lower limit dimensions of the part. It is usually expressed

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