Products/Services for Plastic Window Secondary Glazing

    Glazing - (104 companies)
    Glazing is a transparent part of a wall structure and is usually made of glass or plastic, also known as the glass part of a window. The glazing is mounted with glazing putty and a support frame that holds the glass in place. Types Common types...
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    Window, Glass, and Glazing Services - (157 companies)
    Window, glass and glazing services install glass windows, blocks, doors, walls, and other architectural elements. They may also design and install custom glass surfaces and mirrors. Window, glass and glazing services install glass windows, blocks...
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  • Windows-Image
    Windows - (693 companies)
    ...and convection. Frames support glass frames to provide a functional surface to open and shut windows. An important secondary function is the window's use as access to a fire escape or other emergency exit. Features. Windows have highly variable energy...
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  • Hinges (industrial)-Image
    Hinges (industrial) - (433 companies)
    Description. Industrial hinges are jointed devices that allow an attached part, such as a door or window, to swing. Types. Butt hinges - Butt hinges are composed of two plates attached to abutting surfaces of a door and cabinet and joined by a pin...
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  • Adhesive Tapes-Image
    Adhesive Tapes - (971 companies)
    Adhesive tapes are used to assemble materials or parts together using a sticky chemical bond. Adhesive tapes are made by coating a backing or carrier (paper, plastic film, cloth, foam or foil) with an adhesive on a web or roll coater. Adhesive tapes...
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    Sight Windows - (192 companies)
    Sight windows are an effective and economical way of viewing tank, pressure vessel and piping systems interiors. They are also referred to as sight glasses. Sight windows are an effective and economical way of viewing tank, pressure vessel, piping...
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    Optical Windows - (231 companies)
    Optical windows are used to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass relatively unimpeded. Window types available are plane windows or Brewster windows. Plane windows can come wedged or parallel and are designed to have...
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    Infrared Windows - (35 companies)
    Infrared windows are IR transmissive viewing-port inspection devices designed for enclosure integration. They are used for real-time visual monitoring of infrared (IR) light produced by a variety of heat-generating sources. Infrared windows consist...
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    Rechargeable (Secondary) Batteries - (555 companies)
    Rechargeable batteries or secondary batteries contain active materials that can be regenerated by charging. When the energy produced by rechargeable batteries drops below optimum efficiency, secondary batteries may be recharged in a couple of ways...
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    Plastic Tubing - (616 companies)
    Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems, or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies. Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid...
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  • Hybrid sol–gel based coatings for the protection of historical window glass
    One consists in the installation of protective glazing , with glass or plastic secondary panes mounted on the external side of the windows , avoiding, or at least reducing, contact with water in form of rain, fog, moisture, etc.
  • Analyzing the Impact of Protective Glazing on Stained Glass Windows
    Protective glazing is commonly defined as a sec- ondary layer of glass or plastic installed over the exterior of a stained glass window [1].
  • Suppliers to the Peugeot 207
    …Hutchinson E-coat BASF Exterior trim Maier Fog lamps Valeo Front bumper Plastic Omnium Front bumper beam Wagon Front door glazing Pilkington Front end carrier … Rear lamps Visteon Rear window Pilkington Roof glazing Pilkington Roof mouldings Dura Secondary door seal Hutchinson Side…
  • Suppliers to Pontiac G6
    …Full vehicle wiring Delphi Hidden antenna module Visteon Exterior All glazing for 4 door saloon … belt Hutchinson Front door secondary glass run channel Hutchinson … Valeo Thermostat Standard-Thompson Window lift motor Bosch Pretreatment … Collins & Aikman ADAC Plastics Manual shifter cables Dura…
  • Practical AVR Microcontrollers
    Your local Home Depot, DIY store, or garden center may have some clear plastic • sheet that .... These kinds of materials are often used for greenhouses, or secondary glazing for outhouse windows .

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