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    Feed Escapements - (26 companies)
    ...applications. Feed escapements are equipped with fingers, moving parts that are usually made of aluminum and which have a square cross-section. Some feed escapement fingers are spring-loaded. To minimize surface wear, finger holders are equipped... Learn More
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    Wheels - (386 companies)
    Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Scissor Lifts-Image
    Scissor Lifts - (225 companies)
    Scissor lifts are devices that use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a work platform. This item of material handling equipment conveys personnel and cargo in the vertical plane. Scissor lifts may be stationary, self-propelled, or vehicle... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Temperature Forcing Systems - (6 companies)
    Temperature forcing systems provide heating, cooling and/or a humidity and temperature controlled atmosphere to a separate test chamber, platform, or testing unit. They are used to provide a highly accurate, stable temperature to enable a precisely... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    LAN Chips - (48 companies)
    LAN chips provide wireless local area network (LAN) connectivity in a system-on-chip platform. A LAN chip is a device on an Ethernet network that broadcasts information and provides Ethernet functions, including PHYceivers and media access control... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Thermal Platforms - (11 companies)
    Thermal Platforms provide heating and cooling with more precise temperature control for environmental or climatic testing. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • xDSL Chips - (18 companies)
    ...xDSL Chips Information. xDSL chips provide digital subscriber line (DSL) connectivity in a system-on-chip platform. The term xDSL refers collectively to all types of digital subscriber lines. An xDSL chip is a generic term for all forms of DSL... Learn More
  • LXI Products - (17 companies)
    LXI products use LAN extension for instrumentation (LXI), a networking platform designed for the management of instruments in industrial environments. LXI is based on Ethernet technology and usable across a local area network (LAN). Suppliers of LXI... Learn More
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) - (72 companies)
    ...laboratory, and/or stakeholders. Some manufacturers provide LIMS software tailored to a specific instrument or discipline -- such as spectrometry or microscopy -- while others provide more integrated solutions. Software platform is an important... Learn More
  • Material Handling Carts and Trucks - (1371 companies) adjusted or removed to alter a cart's carrying capacity. Tilting shelves will allow easy access and unloading. Lift: A scissor or piston mechanism allows the load to be height adjusted. Dumping: The cart has either a platform that can be inclined... Search by Specification | Learn More
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