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  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)-Image
    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) - (708 companies)
    Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are the control hubs for a wide variety of automated systems and processes. They use a wide variety of inputs and outputs and provide network capability. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Information. PLCs... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitters - (14 companies)
    PLC Splitter Information. PLC splitters, also known as planar lightwave circuit splitters, are designed to manage the power of optical signals through splitting and routing. They provide reliable light distribution and are based on planar lightwave... Learn More
  • Robots (Industrial)-Image
    Robots (Industrial) - (674 companies)
    Industrial robots are programmable manipulators that contain rotary and/or prismatic joints in order to perform precise, repetitive movements. They are designed to move parts, tools, materials, and devices through variable, programmed motions. Types of products include articulated, Cartesian, cylindrical, gantry, parallel (hexapods), SCARA, and spherical robots. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)-Image
    Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) - (90 companies)
    Programmable automation controllers (PAC) are compact industrial controllers used in applications such as data acquisition and control, machine vision control, and process control. PACs are functionally similar to programmable logic controllers (PLC... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Human Machine Interface Software (HMI)-Image
    Human Machine Interface Software (HMI) - (120 companies)
    ...and messaging data. DeviceNet is designed to connect industrial devices such as limit switches, photoelectric cells, valve manifolds, motor starters, drives, and operator displays to programmable logic controllers (PLC) and personal computers (PC). Some... Learn More
  • Online Communities - (169 companies)
    ...creativity, collaboration, and communication across a secure platform. The term Web 2.0 describes a range of hosted services and product features that includes: Social networking. Instant messaging. Image and video sharing. Forums. Blogs. Wikis... Learn More
  • Web Tension Indicators - (44 companies)
    Web tension indicators measure and report tension parameters in web or other flat-sheet production processes. Some types of web tension indicators have control functionality as well. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Machine Control Software - (284 companies)
    Machine control software is designed for personal computers (PCs) or stand-alone controllers. It allows personnel to configure, program, and calibrate computerized machinery. Learn More
  • Conveyor Controls and Monitors - (82 companies)
    ...are programmable logic controllers (PLC) that may also receive input from other sensors associated with the conveyor system. For example, a conveyor scale can relay information back to the PLC about the weight of the material being moved and adjust the speed... Learn More
  • Network Security Services - (928 companies)
    ...providers, and government web sites from targeted attacks by hackers. Technology partners include providers of network security software and hardware. Network security services also work with organizations such as the Internet Security Alliance, the Forum... Learn More
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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ACP PLC Radwell Schneider Automation Inc Not Provided CLOSING PLATE FORA HUB OPENING
ACP PLC Radwell Groupe Schneider Not Provided CLOSING PLATE FORA HUB OPENING
ZS40002063 PLC Radwell Beckhoff Not Provided ENCODER FEMALE SOCKET, ROTATABLE, ANGLED 90 Â °, FORA

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Digital Speed Breathes Life Into Analog I/O. Analog I/O Components Are Using Faster, Cheaper and More Powerful Data Processors to Do A/D Converting, Analyses and Other Calculations in Local Controllers in the Field. This Means They No Longer Need Special Communications to a PLC or Centralized...

In this application FUTEK load cells are used to control material distribution while monitoring the tank level. The load cell with in-line amplifier can be directly connected to a plc or computer for feedback control or one of the FUTEK instruments with set point alarm or analog output option...

11 -12, November/December 2007. Ruth Brinston is Manager responsible for operational aspects at iiA, 1283 Collins Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 6C7, Canada, tel. +1 613 260 9589, e-mail:, The European address for iiA is c/o Isotron plc, Ground Floor Stella...

...the instrument built-in alarm set point or interfacing with a PLC computer via instrument Analog output or RS232 & USB. Load Cell | Bending Beam Load Cell | Canister Load Cell | Column Load Cell | Compression Load Cell | Custom Load Cell | Donut Load Cell | High Capacity Load Cell | Low Capacity Load Cell...

Pressure sensors can be placed on the bottom of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full or empty it is by measuring & monitoring the pressure while knowing the volume & liquid density. Utilizing digital display controller, PLC, computer, or data acquisition sensor, you can measure and control...

...boost profits for NXT Flat speaker specialist NXT plc scored a major win in the mobile handsets business with Vodafone's Japanese subsidiary choosing its technology to be... operator Vodafone Group Plc has confirmed that it is talking to Japanese group SoftBank about a possible sale of a stake in or outright disposal of its struggling Japanese subsidiary Vodafone K.K. Brazil readying new digital TV standard Brazil is preparing to announce the government 's final...

Load cells can be placed on the legs of a silo or tank in order to monitor how full it is. When more than one load cell is used, a junction box is needed to average the load of all the load cells and provide one output which can then be connected to a computer or plc using a signal conditioner...

...and plc or computer system. Load Cell | Bending Beam Load Cell | Canister Load Cell | Column Load Cell | Compression Load Cell | Custom Load Cell | Donut Load Cell | High Capacity Load Cell | Low Capacity Load Cell | Miniature Load Cell | Pancake Load Cell | Precision Load Cell | Pressure Sensor...

Maintenance Articles. A laptop computer with PLC programming, communication, and operating programs is a necessary tool in today's modern plant. Engineers, production supervisors, maintenance supervisors, maintenance technicians, electricians, instrument technicians, and maintenance mechanics all need...

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