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  • Fluid Transfer Valves
    and seat, and a metal-to-metal seal. Other globe valves are available with elastomeric disc seals. The easy replacement of the plug and seat makes repair simple and inexpensive. Pressure loss through a globe valve is somewhat high. Globe valves can be used at high pressures, but the higher the pressure
  • Inspection and Repair of Zirconium Equipment During Turnaround (.pdf)
    and contribute significant cost savings are discussed. These include very large. distillation columns, several heat exchangers and other associated equipment. KEYWORDS. Zirconium 702/705, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, distillation columns, plug valves, inspection,. welding, pump vibration, field repair
  • The saber saw as a tool for automobile maintenance
    it has become legendary. Perhaps the worst example is the case where spark plugs in one model could be replaced only if the engine was unbolted from its mounts and raised away from the frame. In another case, the shop manual for a car said that to repair the heater, an access hole had to be cut
  • Troubleshooting Fluid Power Systems: A Blend of Art and Science
    valves. To test a directional valve, install a flow meter and a pressure gauge in the inlet line. Remove the actuator hoses and plug the ports. Again, this modifies the system so be sure to understand what will happen when it starts. Draw a diagram of the valves with enough room to note flow meter
  • Medical Device Link .
    function allows the user to perform controlled repairs on very small mold areas. The Weldmax increases mold life and reduces repair costs by up to 85%, according to the company. The unit features electronic controls that help produce strong, homogeneous weld patterns. The welder emits virtually
  • Medical Device Link . Medical Design Excellence Awards Finalists, part 2
    Sherts, Keith Ratcliff The Mini-CABG access set was designed to allow surgeons to conduct a variety of minimally invasive cardiac procedures such as coronary artery bypass graft, valve repair or replacement, septum defect repair, heart volume reduction, and transmyocardial revascularization. The set
  • The Great Debate: Sealed vs. Sealless (Pumps & Systems reprint : February 2006)
    Be: Seals or Sealless. monitored for fugitive emissions. This is a major ongoing. PS. P1. cost savings for users. [. Furthermore, without a seal to replace, close-coupled. F1. Normally open. [. motors can be readily used on mag-drive pumps up to about. Fill plug. 40-hp or more. Level gage
  • Pulp & Paper - Whitewater Heating
    typically are heated by heating tank contents with steam spargers in the white water chest. Steam. Injection Heaters that use a steam pressure reducing valve (PRV) experience a pressure drop in the steam pressure. which leads to low velocity steam flow. Low steam velocity leads to poor steam mixing

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