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Type 3271-5   SAMSON Controls, Inc. Manual Valve Actuators The Types 3271 and 3277 Pneumatic Actuators contain a rolling. diaphragm and internal springs. Special features. • Low overall height. • Powerful thrust at high response speed. • Low friction. • Various bench ranges by varying the number of springs or. their compression. &bull...
NP700   Metso Valve Positioners The NP700 pneumatic positioner can be used with either piston or diaphragm actuators to provide excellent repeatability and accuracy, with either rotary or linear control valves in a wide range of applications. It offers a rugged construction with few parts. A small moving mass and rigid mounting...
PYSA Series   DynaQuip Controls Industrial Valves DynaMatic Series - Pneumatic Automated Ball Valve. For your needs in pneumatic actuation, DynaQuip offers a wide variety of air actuated valve/actuator assemblies. All air actuated DynaMatic assemblies use our AP series pneumatic actuators available in both double acting (air/air) and spring return...
GTV-2   Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. Air Valves of manual, air pilot, electrical or mechanical actuators. • Small, compact size, lightweight. • Design flexibility and fast response. • Electroless nickel plated brass and anodized aluminum construction for long life and corrosion resistance. • Stainless steel stems and springs...
Hagan Power Positioner 2½x5 and 4x5 Torque Type   Rosemount Analytical Pneumatic Rotary Actuators Industry needs muscle to control process valves, dampers and feed mechanisms accurately and in response to a demand signal. Emerson ’s Rosemount Analytical pneumatic power positioners have been satisfying these exacting control requirements for many years in countless applications where...

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  • Self-Monitoring Pneumatic Systems
    it. For many industrial applications pneumatics is the preferred drive technology, thanks to advantages such as overload resistance, long life, economy, ease of assembly, reliability, and safety. Because pneumatic equipment generally operates trouble-free, users tend to take it for granted
  • Standard Tuning Procedure and the Beck Drive: A Comparative Overview and Guide (.pdf)
    Tuning a control loop with a Beck drive installed usually proves simpler and quicker, and the results are more reliable, than tuning loops equipped with traditional pneumatic actuators. This is because the Beck drive eliminates pneumatic actuator nonlinearity and inconsistent performance caused
  • Sorting out servopneumatics
    . Pneumatic systems control motion much like electric drives, starting and stopping anywhere within the actuator's range. They require a sophisticated controller and fast-acting proportional valve.
  • Designing Motion-Control Systems With Electric Cylinders
    Electric cylinders are relatively inexpensive and easy to program. New options are also shortening design cycles. Improvements in dynamic response, force, and environmental parameters let electric cylinders fit applications previously dominated by leak-prone hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators

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