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  • 12 Volt Actuator Increases Solar Panel Efficiency 200%!
    email: Latest Posts. Hydro Fracturing Part 1. Knowing Nema. Indelac Safe & Secure Actuator Series. Electric Actuators and Condensation Don't Mix. Plastic Electric Quarter Turn Actuators. Indelac Conversation Board. Knowing The In's & Out's of Fail-Safe Actuators. Electric Actuators VS Pneumatic
  • Self-Monitoring Pneumatic Systems
    it. For many industrial applications pneumatics is the preferred drive technology, thanks to advantages such as overload resistance, long life, economy, ease of assembly, reliability, and safety. Because pneumatic equipment generally operates trouble-free, users tend to take it for granted
  • Unified Control of Brake- and Steer-by-Wire Systems Using Optimal Control Allocation Methods (.pdf)
    A new optimal control strategy for dealing with braking actuator failures in a vehicle equipped with a brake-bywire and steer-by- wire system is described. The main objective of the control algorithm during the failure mode is to redistribute the control tasks to the functioning actuators, so
  • Standard Tuning Procedure and the Beck Drive: A Comparative Overview and Guide (.pdf)
    Tuning a control loop with a Beck drive installed usually proves simpler and quicker, and the results are more reliable, than tuning loops equipped with traditional pneumatic actuators. This is because the Beck drive eliminates pneumatic actuator nonlinearity and inconsistent performance caused
  • Improving Control: The Issues of Final Control Element Actuation
    pneumatic and electric actuators can create problems. A common source of significant pneumatic actuator dead time is sticking due to friction (stiction). This causes stick-slip response, and that occurs as a pneumatic actuator builds air pressure to overcome the static frictional valve load
  • Sorting out servopneumatics
    . Pneumatic systems control motion much like electric drives, starting and stopping anywhere within the actuator's range. They require a sophisticated controller and fast-acting proportional valve.
  • Medical Device Link .
    A line of computer-controlled linear actuators, linear slides, rotary stages, mirror mounts, and other motion control devices offer flexibility in automating submicron positioning applications. Because the devices have built-in controllers, they need only be connected to a computer 's serial or USB
  • AS-interface (R) Simple, Robust, Device-Level Bus (.pdf)
    , Signaling and Monitoring Units Pneumatic. Actuators. Coupling Modules / Mounting Plates. Pneumatic Modules. Earth Fault Monitoring Systems. Power Supply Units. Electric Actuators. Repeaters. Extenders. Safety at Work Products. Gateways Services. Hydraulic Actuators

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