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Parts by Number for Pneumatic Compression Fitting Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BRLK11618 PLC Radwell Omega Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting COMPRESSION FITTING BRASS 1/16IN TUBE OD 1/8IN NPT
BRLK11618 PLC Radwell Omega Engineering Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting COMPRESSION FITTING BRASS 1/16IN TUBE OD 1/8IN NPT
SSLK116116 PLC Radwell Omega Engineering Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting FITTING COMPRESSION 1/16IN TUBE OD 1/16INC NPT
8MSC2N316 PLC Radwell Scovill Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting CONNECTOR MALE COMPRESSION 1/8NPT STAINLESS STEEL
SSLK116116 PLC Radwell Omega Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting FITTING COMPRESSION 1/16IN TUBE OD 1/16INC NPT
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  • Pulling Money Out of Thin Air
    industrial plants after electricity, gas, and water. A study by the U.S. Dept. of Energy found air compression accounted for approximately 8.6% of overall industrial energy consumption. Generating compressed air for a pneumatic system requires a huge amount of energy, but many companies do not consider
  • Effortless assembly
    traditionally use compression couplings to join tubing, bends, and fittings. Since their introduction 50 years ago, however, the basic design of compression couplings has changed very little. But a new coupling device promises easier assembly and a strong sure grip. Results are that pneumatic conveying
  • Medical Device Link .
    provides a direct readout of leak rate regardless of the part's internal volume. The unit's plumbing pneumatics are contained in a compact manifold with pilot-operated valves, eliminating many fittings and connections and providing a leak-free system. The tester can operate on a stand-alone basis
  • Morris Coupling General Products Brochure
    ./158af0ad-ee36-4c28-958a-8ff306e980f9 Serving the World in. Pneumatic and Vacuum. Conveying Products. Founded in 1941 … The World’s Largest Manufacturer and Supplier. of Piping Components for the Pneumatic Conveying Industry. COUPLING PRODUCTS. TUBE BEND PRODUCTS. FLEXIBLE HOSE. Compression
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    are several products that feature size and weight reductions, while maintaining functionality and corrosion resistance for demanding applications. The compression fitting line now includes 1 1/44-in.-OD tubing with straight or adjustable elbows. A smaller M3 version has been added to the miniature check
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    consistency and liquid silicone rubbers are used extensively in the molding of elastomeric devices and device components. High consistency elastomers are typically molded using transfer or compression molding techniques, both of which are labor-intensive. Liquid silicone rubbers are molded in highly
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    properties, short cycles through fast cure, and low compression set. Elastosil R solid silicone rubber provides optimal mechanical performance and can be processed easily. The elastomers are suited for use in short-term implant applications (no longer than 30 days). Transparent materials are available