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  • Closed-Loop Pneumatic Control In A Compact Package
    A newly developed pneumatic-control system provides an alternative to electrical or electromechanical motion control. The Pneumatic Control System (PCS) is a compact electronic controller with pneumatic valves that accurately positions an actuator rod or rotating shaft and holds it in position even
  • Servopneumatics offers reliable, economical motion
    Advances in controls and networks combined with components that pack more punch have opened the door to more-precise, durable, and economical pneumatic systems. When it comes to motion control, conventional thinking usually produces designs with electromechanical drives and computer-controlled
  • Motion Reference Guide: Software Keeps Linear-Stage Integration Straight
    , performed detailed calculations, and allowed for linear-feedback devices and forces from magnetic attraction when using direct-drive linear motors. * Integrated linear actuators combine all aspects of linear motion in a single piece of hardware. * Software selects type of linear actuator based
  • Sorting out servopneumatics
    . Pneumatic systems control motion much like electric drives, starting and stopping anywhere within the actuator's range. They require a sophisticated controller and fast-acting proportional valve.
  • Integrate and simplify
    both requires as much as 25% of the program logic in the dedicated controller and 25% of the program logic in the motion controller. Traditional systems also use different application-programming packages and languages for motion and sequential controllers. In addition, the application program in each
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    their electrical or mechanical counterparts. When designing hydraulic control systems, however, it is critical to set up motion controllers with correct control algorithms. Compromises can be made in designing a hydraulic circuit, but the hydraulic motion controller cannot always compensate for deficiencies
  • The good stuff may cost less
    hydraulic control, or flexible control of servoelectric, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. In these cases, a full-featured motion controller is key to best performance. It is unlikely that a one-stop-shopping automation supplier has a motion controller up to the task. Even in simple applications
  • Basic Types
    a discussion of the various control options that are widely used. These include simple timers and counters, chip-level and board-level computers, programmable logic controllers, and pneumatic sequencers. Industrial motion control can be divided into four categories: sequencing, speed control, point
  • Microcontrollers
    Motion control today takes place under the guidance of computers, solid-state logic, or pneumatic sequencers. These devices can take on a variety of forms and provide control on different levels. Controllers can be divided into four basic types. devices consist of a few integrated circuits combined
  • Filling On The Fly
    The Allen-Bradley 1394 digital servo controller is a position controller integrated within a modular, digital AC servo drive, providing a single, compact, motion-control package. Machine builders clearly understand that their customers' requests are thinly veiled demands. Either the builder meets