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  • Making pneumatics an energy miser

    processes. These include applications that involve: Pneumatics also offers other advantages over competing motion and control technologies. For instance, pneumatic systems are self-cleaning and offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them reliable in tough environments and easy to maintain

  • Pneumatics: Back to Basics

    Deciding Whether or Not Pneumatics Should Be Used at All

  • Chrysler brings Ethernet to pneumatics

    In a move to upgrade stamping operations, DaimlerChrysler Corp. has installed a system for handling sheet-metal blanks that controls pneumatics over an Ethernet/IP network. Destackers built by High Production Technology are intricate systems for handling sheet-metal blanks. They unload parts from

  • Pneumatics boosts manufacturing efficiency

    Valve terminals keep pace with the latest control systems and communications networks. Festo's CPX valve terminal's modular design lets users install a range of pneumatic valves, fieldbus protocols, and digital and analog I/O. Built-in diagnostics help pinpoint faults such as out-of-tolerance

  • Sizing Pneumatics for Performance and Efficiency

    Sizing Pneumatics for Performance and Efficiency Consider how every component interacts to design better air circuits. * Traditional techniques size pneumatic circuits based on valve flow. * To improve performance and energy efficiency, consider every component that causes flow restrictions

  • Pneumatic or servo?

    Servosystems are often an economical alternative to pneumatic cylinders. The actuation of cams, detents, and levers has long been the forte of pneumatic or hydraulic systems in machines. These systems are generally open loop. The only verification that the system has executed a command

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  • Re: Pneumatic Control

    How about asking the control system Designer? What does it say on the "for construction" pneumatic schematic drawings? Only, they cannot be seen from here.

  • Re: Synchronizing Pnematic Cylinders?

    I've taken a look some different mobile equipment, and not knowing exactly what type you are talking about, I've noticed that most of the ones I've looked at have hydraulic systems rather than pneumatic systems already built into the equipment. Switching to hydraulics over pneumatics solves many pro...

  • Re: how to select contactor for star delta starter??

    Here what i posted in another thread...you can study that one too ... gives the schematic of the control circuit. Please note that the Main contactor is switched ON by the aux contact of the Star contactor, so it is delayed by about 20ms...it takes the brunt of switching ON the starting current of t...

  • Re: Symbols library

    Schematic Symbols Chart (Design Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits ... Hydraulic and pneumatic technology - English PDF/TXT Books Free ...

  • Best Free CAD

    Folks, I am designing an industrial machine that has electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components and what I am looking for is some free basic application to help me do the drawing work, there will be electrical schematics that I need to draw and there will be some pneumatic and hydraulic drawing...

  • Re: Want to Know the Principle of Solenoid Valves

    http://www.gearseds.com/curriculum/images/figures/pneumatic%20valve%20symbols.pdf http://www.minutemancontrols.com/docs/Clippard%20Schematic%20Symbols.pdf *No endorsement of the above websites or their respective owners and their products is given or implied.

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  • Festo Pneumatic Twin-Piston Semi-Rotary Drives

    Series of pneumatic twin-piston semi-rotary drives designed for handling and assembly operations

  • Festo Piston-Spool Solenoid and Pneumatic Valves

    Piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds have a high flow rate and are suitable for simple clamping and locking operations

  • Product Snapshot: Trench Roller and Mobile Telescopic Crane

    This week we look at a trench roller from American Pneumatic Tools and a rough-terrain crane from Manitowoc.

  • Pneumatic Question On Cylinder Action

    We have a bag sealer that uses three cylinders to close the sealing bar, 1/4" air line at 60 PSI to open and close three 1 1/2" travel cylinders. My question is the cylinders air supply to close and open comes into a tee and goes 12" one way to one of the cylinders, the other way butts into ano

  • Pneumatic System Troubles

    Hello. I have a machine in my shop that is a zlocking machine for crimping wire mesh. OSHA visited and said that the machine wasn't safe enough because we were holding the part and using a foot peddle to activate the zlock mechanizm. So purchased two magnetic pneumatic cylinders and some electromag

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Numatics, Inc.
Comprehensive Pneumatics Solutions Catalog

The redesigned catalog combines control and motion products to provide customers one convenient location for the most up-to-date ordering information for Numatics' broad line of industrial automation products. The catalog includes valves, fieldbus actuators, air prep, and accessories. The catalog is complemented by various web-based applications. PDFs: an extensive archive of online technical information. 2D/3D CAD: cad models available in 85 formats. Product Configurator: easy-to-use, online...

SKF/North America
Contaminant-free compressed air for pneumatics

Contaminant-free compressed air for pneumatics. The SKF® "SFD" dryer system is uniquely engineered for industrial applications to deliver compressed air free of oil, contaminants, and water. In conjunction with large air compressors and systems, this compact unit dries compressed air for pneumatic applications directly from the tank, eliminating a need for after-coolers and additional external filters. The system also can be mounted on small air compressors or at point of use. Applications...

Pneumatic Pliers

Air pliers are suitable for the industrial use for example in the automotive industry, in machine building industry, in the appliance industry as well as in maintenance and assembly departments. Hand-held pliers for the use of: Cutting. Angle Forming and Flattening. Sealing Operations. Pressing. Mounting clamps. High Power. - max. cutting force 8700 N. - max. squeeze force 4500 N. Easy Handling. Long Lifespan. Advantages. Pneumatic pliers for the use of: • Cutting Cu, Al, Ag, plastic...