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  • Supplier: E-Labs, Inc.

    Description: . E-Labs offers testing services from cradle to grave, from concept to analysis. From test planning, fixture design and fabrication, consulting, to testing in the lab. The E-Labs facility is conveniently located 3 miles from interstate 95 in Fredericksburg, VA. The lab is over Twenty thousand square feet

    • Capabilities: Hydraulics, Pneumatics
    • Capabilities: Testing / Simulation, Certification, Component / Product Comparison, Consulting / Training, Engineering / Design Verification (DVT), Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Evaluation / Inspection, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, In-process / In-line Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Test
    • Forms Tested / Certified: Components / Parts, Products, Facilities / Capital Equipment, Samples / Fluids
    • Services Offered: Aging / Life Testing, Condition Monitoring, Fatigue / Endurance, Fire Characteristics / Flammability Testing, Flow Testing, Fungus / Biofouling, Leak / Seal, Mechanical / Structural (Statics), NDT / Inspection, Oil Analysis / Fluids Testing, Performance Testing, Pressure / Hydrostatic Testing,

  • Supplier: IMR Test Labs

    Description: No Description Provided

    • Capabilities: Hydraulics, Pneumatics
    • Capabilities: Testing / Simulation, Certification, Component / Product Comparison, Engineering / Design Verification (DVT), Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Evaluation / Inspection, Reliability / Robustness, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Test Panel / Sample Prep
    • Forms Tested / Certified: Components / Parts, Products, Samples / Fluids
    • Services Offered: Aging / Life Testing, Fatigue / Endurance, Fire Characteristics / Flammability Testing, Leak / Seal, Performance Testing, Safety / Liability Testing, Shock Testing, Thermal Cycling / Shock, Vibration

  • Description: Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), such as Underwriters Laboratories, Intertek/ETL, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), QPS, SGS, MET Labs, and many others. We understand the additional costs in time and money that are incurred when a product fails an evaluation or test. That is why we

    • Capabilities: Certification / Qualification, Comparisons, Consulting / Training, Engineering Verification Testing, Evaluation and Analysis, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Reliability / Robustness, Testing, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Witness / Review, Validation
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Samples / Materials, Products (Machines / Devices), Capital Equipment
    • Services Offered: Aging / Life Testing, Climatics / Environmental Exposure, Condition Monitoring, Dimensional Gaging, Electrical Characteristics Testing, Fire Characteristics / Flammability, Functional / ATE, Mechanical / Structural (Static Load / Stress), NDT / Inspection, Performance Testing, Risk Assessment,
    • Accelerated (HALT / HASS): Yes

  • Supplier: Robinson Fans

    Description: Robinson’s laboratory facilities are designed for both air performance and sound testing. Qualified lab personnel use state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure accurate test results. Robinson utilizes the latest strain gauge technology to measure actual operating stresses of rotating fan

    • Media Temperature: 70 to 2000 F
    • Design Configuration: Axial
    • Environment: Clean Air / Gas

  • Description: with the very latest and best standards that money can buy. With this approach, we have been able to capitalize on the technical advancements with better test methods, lowering cost, and reduction of cycle time. Our comprehensive Test Reports (which are provided to our customers) details the key points

    • Capabilities: Auditing / Assessment, Certification, Consulting / Training, Evaluation, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, First Article / Contract QA, Fixtures / Equipment, In-process / In-line Testing
    • Forms Inspected: Products, Quality / Management Systems, Samples, Services
    • Services Offered: Dimensional Gaging / Metrology, Electrical / Electronic Testing, Flow / Pressure Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Thermal Imaging / Thermography, Visual / Video Inspection, Specialty / Other
    • Industry Applications: Appliances, Aerospace / Avionics, Automotive, Building & Construction, Coatings / Paint, Drugs / Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Distribution, Food & Beverage, Health Care / Medical, HVAC, Plumbing and Lighting, Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Industrial / Machinery, Instrument & Sensors

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