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  • Variable Attenuator for Lasers
    on a half wave-. o. plate and polarizer. It is suitable for attenuation of a linearly. La. φ. ser. E. polarized laser beam with a wavelength in the. polariz. 690 nm -1040 nm range and average power up to 100 watts. ation. E. (please refer to Table 1 at the end of this Application Note). The schematic
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
    . ). FI-Faraday isolator, 1/2 WP – half wave plate, BS – beam splitter,. 40. (. %. RELP – razor edge long pass filter, LP – long pass filter,. e. c. n. SCG-800 – supercontinuum generation kit, FO – focusing. 30. t. a. UB.2. c. objective, CO – collimating objective, SP – combination of short pass
  • Pixelated Phase-Mask Dynamic Interferometer
    by a substantial distance or separated by other imaging optics. Helen et al.13 demonstrated that by combining conventional half-wave and quarter-wave plates in series an effective. quarter-wave plate may be constructed that works over a broad wavelength range. Thus, the quarter-wave retarder. may
  • Dynamic Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer
    collimation it passes through a polarizer. to clean up the polarization, a half-wave plate and a polarizing beam splitter into the path compensation adjustment. arm of the receiver. The combination of the half-wave plate and the polarizing beam splitter provide a means for. controlling
  • Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing (.pdf)
    will be outlined. Although. 1. Experimental setup. A half-wave plate (HWP) and a polarizer (GLP) are. positioned after the oscillator and are used to variably. Laser direct-writing by TPP can be performed by either. attenuate the laser output power to the desired. moving the laser beam inside the sample

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