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  • Variable Attenuator for Lasers
    on a half wave-. o. plate and polarizer. It is suitable for attenuation of a linearly. La. φ. ser. E. polarized laser beam with a wavelength in the. polariz. 690 nm -1040 nm range and average power up to 100 watts. ation. E. (please refer to Table 1 at the end of this Application Note). The schematic
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
    . ). FI-Faraday isolator, 1/2 WP – half wave plate, BS – beam splitter,. 40. (. %. RELP – razor edge long pass filter, LP – long pass filter,. e. c. n. SCG-800 – supercontinuum generation kit, FO – focusing. 30. t. a. UB.2. c. objective, CO – collimating objective, SP – combination of short pass
  • Pixelated Phase-Mask Dynamic Interferometer
    by a substantial distance or separated by other imaging optics. Helen et al.13 demonstrated that by combining conventional half-wave and quarter-wave plates in series an effective. quarter-wave plate may be constructed that works over a broad wavelength range. Thus, the quarter-wave retarder. may
  • Low Coherence Vibration Insensitive Fizeau Interferometer
    , the s-polarized beam and the p-polarized beam. The half wave plate. just in front of the laser source is used to adjust the intensity ratio between the two beams. As will be shown in the next section, maximum visibility is obtained when the intensities. of the s and p components are matched, regardless
  • Dynamic Phase-Shifting Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer
    collimation it passes through a polarizer. to clean up the polarization, a half-wave plate and a polarizing beam splitter into the path compensation adjustment. arm of the receiver. The combination of the half-wave plate and the polarizing beam splitter provide a means for. controlling
  • Workstation for Laser Direct-Write Processing (.pdf)
    will be outlined. Although. 1. Experimental setup. A half-wave plate (HWP) and a polarizer (GLP) are. positioned after the oscillator and are used to variably. Laser direct-writing by TPP can be performed by either. attenuate the laser output power to the desired. moving the laser beam inside the sample

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