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  • Polarizing Microscopes
    Polarizing microscopes or polarized light microscopes use two polarizers (one on either side of the specimen) that are positioned perpendicular to each other so that only light which passes through the specimen reaches the eyepiece. Light is polarized in one plane as it passes through the first
  • Medical Device Link . Identifying and Preventing Contamination from Pharmaceutical Packaging
    to determine the optical properties and physical morphology of contaminants and functional ingredients for elastomers, drug formulations, and, in one case, biopsied tissue samples. The polarizing microscope uses polarized light interaction with an optically active specimen to provide measurements of key
  • Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing
    , because the polarization of the returning light is mostly rotated by 90° as it emerges from the λ/4 wave-plate, it can be almost completely redirected into the CGWS by a polarizing beam splitter, resulting in the highly efficient use of the backscattered light. View larger version: In this window
  • Medical Device Link .
    workstation, network gateway modules, and industrial camera enclosures. Cognex UK, Milton Keynes, UK. Laboratory microscope An upright compound microscope features infinitely corrected optics with bright field, phase contrast, dark ground, and polarizing contrast options. The instrument is designed
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    ceramic structure of multilayer ceramic capacitors. These areas. are most apparent when viewed under a Scanning Electron Microscope, particularly. when using a backscatter detector, but they can also be visible under an optical. microscope fitted with a polarizing filter. Structural abnormalities

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