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Parts by Number for Pole Clamps Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
700HN223 PLC Radwell Allen Bradley Not Provided SOCKET 1 POLE SPR CLAMP

Conduct Research Top

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    Available in surface-mount or through-hole versions, compact slide switches feature double-pole capabilities in a single-pole body. The Alcoswitch units can be ordered unsealed or with an IP67-rated seal. With printed circuit board retention features and a robust actuator, the components offer
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    with 3M Health Care's cardiovascular systems department to design its Blood Parameter Monitoring System 500 (right), a 1999 MDEA winner. IDEO's contributions included human factors, interface, and system configuration work, as well as design of the monitor, calibrator, and pole clamp. Adding Value
  • Control Reliability - Beyond The Wire (.pdf)
    with category 2 safety applications in mind, the series. SV27 provides electrical feedback via a positively-driven,. Customer and. safety-rated DPST (double pole, single throw) switch with both. Technical Services. normally open and normally closed contacts. The DPST switch. directly senses valve state
  • Using Audible Signaling Devices To Assist
    is. replaced for any reason, the audible device does not have to be re-installed in the new ped-head box. To mount the audible device on the pole, a ped-head bracket (see Figure I) is used and secured to the. pole with band clamps about 7 " to 8 " off the ground. A 6 " piece of pipe is screwed into the end
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    system consists of the NAC 3 FPA A-type for power inlets and the NAC 3 FPB B-type for power outlets. Each offers a three-pole connection system with contacts for live, neutral, and protective ground handling power up to 20 A/240 V. Design specifications include meeting the safety requirements
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    , or vertical PCB contacts. Nickel or black chrome-plated receptacle or cable end housings absorb vibration and protect loaded inserts. Splashproof cable shells are standard. Like the Neutricon, the Nanocon has gold-plated contacts that are suitable for hardwired soldering. It is a three-pole subminiature
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    . The 2600-series units from Apem Components Inc. also offer minimum electrical life of 10,000 cycles at full load. The single- and double-pole models are available in on-on, on-off, and on-off-on electrical configurations, with two or three positions. Other specifications include initial contact
  • The Right Connections for Your Network
    pressure. For conductors 14–6 AWG, they have one to three poles; an optional coupling kit creates multi-pole configurations in the field. They support branch-circuit applications with up to 200 kA SCCR (30 A, 600 V). The Midget-style variant achieves 100 kA SCCR (30 A, 750 Vac/1,000 Vdc) for supplemental