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  • Helping the Flow of Materials Information
    Acoustic insulating polyamide Rhodia Engineering Plastics, Lyon, France, launches Technyl Star S 218dB1 MSO and 218dB2 MV60, two new polyamide grades that provide more than 4 dB improvement in acoustic insulation over other engineering plastics such as glass-reinforced PP or PA.
    The US company Imi�?Tech says that its Solimide lightweight insulating polyamide foam weighs as little as one�?quarter as much as alternative approaches to acoustic /thermal insulation , which can result in reductions ranging from 30t on a frigate to 200t aboard an aircraft...
  • Space charge accumulation in coating materials for motor windings under DC high voltage
    Therefore, in this report, we have investigated the space charge behavior in polyamide -imide(PAI) and polyester-imide(PEI), which are usually used as the coating insulating materials for motor windings, under DC high voltage using PEA(Pulsed Electro- Acoustic method) method.
  • Plastics and its properties
    ...225 casting 223 lubricants 222 granulation 223, 230 large containers 226 large toothed wheels 225 adhesive agents 222 budget bottles 226 hot deduction-granulation 231 impregnating 223 insulations , 229 temperaturfeste cable drums... ...223, 230 padding 229 polyamide 6 231 polymerization 225... Tubes 225, 227, 228, dickwandige 228, rotation forms 226 rotation sinters 228 soundproofing 229 foams 223, 229...
  • House technique
    Numerous molding pieces like wall discs, individuals or Doppel-Anschluss-, angles, compounds and T pieces of glasfaserverstärktem polyamide as well as floor-distributor units of brass with two, three or four leavings, also with appropriate installation boxes complete the tube-in... 2.54 Waterproof armature-connection in solid wall with moisture insulation , wall disc and soundproofing box (ako-drain-office .
  • Health monitoring of aircraft wiring by acoustic method
    ...1, Figure 7 shows the ratio of reflected energy (in %) when an acoustic wave travels through... The wire was modelled as a copper single strand conductor in polyamide insulation .
  • Optical imaging of shock waves produced by a high-energy electromagnetic transducer
    To prevent breakdown,the coil was wound from high-punty copper conductor insulated with a tough two-layer enamel (polyester/ polyamide -imide),giving it an extremely high insulation resistance. The acoustic backing was a circular disc ground from 16mm thick float glass with a central hole...
  • Use of wet�?laid techniques to form flax�?polypropylene nonwovens as base substrates for eco�?friendly composites by using hot�?press molding
    polyamide -PA, polylactic acid-PLA, polycaprolactone-PCL, poly- hydoxibutyrate-PHB, etc. [8–11] could lead to eco- friendly composites with interesting properties such as balanced mechanical behavior, cost effective materials, easy processing by conventional extrusion and injection molding, thermal, and acoustic insulation , etc. [12].
  • Natural fiber blend—nylon 6 composites
    The increase in prices of plastics, both engineering (e.g., polyamides and polyesters) and commodity (e.g... ...and carbon fibers because of their excellent characteristics, such as low cost, low density, high specific strength and modulus, ease of fiber surface modification, relative nonabrasiveness, renewability and biodegradabil- ity, process friendly characteristics, good thermal and acoustic insulating properties, recyclability, and worldwide...

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