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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EFA04-14-ASS Allied Electronics, Inc. ESSENTRA COMPONENTS Not Provided Reel, Fiber; 30 mm (Inner), 32 mm (Outer); Black; Flame Retardant Polyamide 6
7211 860 Allied Electronics, Inc. ALTECH CORP Not Provided Nut, Mounting; Polyamide 6, 25% Glass Fiber Reinforced; 9.5 mm; 70 mm; PG 48
7211 890 Allied Electronics, Inc. ALTECH CORP Not Provided Nut, Lock; Polyamide 6, 25% Glass Fiber Reinforced; PG 48; 70; 9.5; Light Gray
7211 884 Allied Electronics, Inc. ALTECH CORP Not Provided Nut, Mounting; Polyamide 6, 25% Glass Fiber Reinforced; 6 mm; 27 mm; PG 13.5
EFA04 04 ASS Allied Electronics, Inc. ESSENTRA COMPONENTS Not Provided Reel, Fiber; Flame Retardant Polyamide 6 (UL 94V0); Black; 2.8 in.; 62 mm; 4 mm
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  • Polyamide Chemical Information
    Polyamide resins are synthetic polymers containing an amide group. -CONH-, as a recurring part of the chain. This polymer was first commercially introduced by DuPont as a result of the significant research work of W. H. Carothers in the 1930s, who was conducting early extensive research efforts
  • VW Passenger Airbag
    Quadrant CMS has developed a new, polyamide passenger airbag housing for use in vehicles based on the Volkswagen Golf platform. VW passenger airbag, housing, polyamide, glass fiber reinforced, molded, automatic feeding system - Quadrant. Home. Our Company. History. Locations. Business Units
  • Belt Camber: How to Fix Cambered Nylon Core Belting and Prevent Camber in Storage
    Camber is the term used to describe an arc or curve that occurs in otherwise straight material. Generally, if camber occurs in belting, it is in a nylon (polyamide) core type material. Nylon core belting is more susceptible to camber than other types of belting because nylon tends to absorb
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine - Tough Environment
    A building products manufacturer that produces fiber-cement plank siding for homes needed an actuated system that would hold up in a harsh environment where cement dust covers everything in the plant. Originally, the machine was powered by an actuated system that utilized flat faced polyamide
  • Medical Device Link .
    including plastics, adhesives, ceramic, and glass. The system is capable of clean cutting polyamide materials with no carbon residue. Applications include processing. MPMN (Equip. News) - November 2001. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source
  • Targeting the perfect bullet
    right and left hand. H &K's MP7 handgun is mostly polyamide composites with 15% glass fibers, making the gun lighter than steel and corrosion resistant. It can fire 950 4.6-mm rounds/min. A new handgun has reignited the debate over which type of bullet is best: small and fast, or big, heavy
  • Flat Sheet Membrane Specifications
    . YMADSP475. YMADSP42). GE Osmonics. Polyamide. 0 MWCO. 99.5. 1-11. 15/800. AG. (YMAGSP3001. YMAGSP1905. YMAGSP475. YMAGSP42). GE Osmonics. Polyamide. 0 MWCO. 99.5. 1-11. 26/225. AK. (YMAKSP3001. YMAKSP1905. YMAKSP475. YMAKSP42). GE Osmonics. Polyamide. 0 MWCO. 99. 1-11. 26/115. CE. (YMCESP3001. YMCESP1905
  • Characteristics of Common Plastics Used in Machine Components
    categories of plastic that are frequently used in industrial parts. Nylon is a technopolymer, and is typically referred to as polyamide (PA). Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic polymer. The wide variety of different modifications that can be made to technopolymer allows

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  • Polyamides other than Nylons, Part II
    New Polyamide Fibers ," Chem. Tech. (Berlin), 9 (1957), 139-50 .
  • Nylon 6
    Properties of Polyamide Fibers .
  • Aramids
    Jinda, T.. et al. (to Toray Industries),"Aromatic Polyamide Fibers from p-(p-Amino- benzamido)-N-(p-Aminophenyl)Benzamide,"Japanese 48-897 (Jan. 8, 1973) .
  • Nylon 6
    The pattern of consumption of polyamide fiber (nylon 66 and nylon 6) in the United States is given in PEP Report No. 41, p. 16.
  • Handbook of Textile Processing Chemicals
    Chem. Descrip.: Org. chemical/surfactant Uses: Dyeing auxiliary for polyamide fiber and blends Properties: Liq.; 100% conc.; nonionic Abluton T [Taiwan Surf.] .
  • Nylon 6
    Nippon Rayon, " Polyamide Fibres ," Japanese 42-25500 (Dec. 5, 1967 .
  • Polymer Microscopy
    Oudet and Bunsell [36] reported on the loading criteria for the fatigue failure of poly- amide fibers .
  • Polyamides other than Nylons, Part I
    Cost Features of Certain Polyamide Fibers and Chips for Fibers.............,.,.........