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  • Technical reference: Fluid compatibility
    . +100. +100. PEEK. Polyether-etherketone. +250 -65. +300 -65. +150. +150. +150. Materials. Continual material service temperature range C. Intermitent material service temperature range C. ISO 6743-4 HFA-Fluids (5/95 Waterbased). ISO 6743-4 HFB-Fluids (60/40 Invert emulsion). ISO 6743-4 HFC-Fluids
  • Medical Device Link . Specialty Compounds for Medical Applications: An Introduction
    , polyether block amide elastomer (PEBA), flexible nylon, polyethylene, styrenic block copolymer, or fluoropolymer. It is important to select a base resin or family that has most of the attributes required in the finished compound. For instance, if high tensile strength is called for in a semiflexible
  • Vacuum-formed films for fit and function
    terephthalate (PET polyester), nylon, polycarbonate (PC), polyimide (PI), fluoropolymers, and exotic materials such as liquid-crystal polymers (LCP), polyetheretherketones (PEEK), polysulfones (PS), and polyether imides (PEI). Many of these films are true thermoplastics and lend themselves
  • Medical Device Link . Simulation and Modeling for Medical Plastics Design
    materials, and can be produced as cross-linked systems (for rigid and flexible foams, for example) or, when difunctional monomers are used, as linear chains that have elastomeric properties. For biomedical applications, the polyol is typically a polyether of molecular weight between 600 and 2500
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    characteristics of a thermoplastic. TPVs are used in medical, wire-and-cable, and automotive applications. Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. Based on either a polyester or a polyether formulation, TPUs provide outstanding abrasion and tear resistance. They are used in the medical equipment industry
  • Medical Device Link .
    and precisely pigment LSRs and low-consistency materials to be injection-molded. They are available in 50-g, 1-lb, 8-lb, and 40-lb packages. Nusil Technology, Carpinteria, CA. Polyether polyurethane film. A polyether polyurethane film is applicable for breathable wound dressings, blood
  • Medical Device Link .
    for the past 20 years.8 However, in several long-term studies it has been shown that the polyether soft segment of PEUs is susceptible to oxidation in vivo.8 Any time the human body recognizes a material that is not itself, the normal self-preservation response is to have cells try to encapsulate it. Because
  • Medical Device Link .
    to intense heat, some manufacturers use polyether etherketone, or PEEK. PEEK is a crystalline engineering thermoplastic that can retain its flexural and tensile properties at very high temperatures. In addition to offering excellent mechanical and electrical properties, the material provides good