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  • Types of Concrete
    or mineral mixtures crushed to a coarse, granular size range rather than a fine, powdered clinker. Portland cement is the most common bond used in structural concretes and mortars. Polymer cements have a resin bond and are used in corrosion protection, mortars for corrosion-resistant floor tiles
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    a polymer and concrete base for better vibration absorption. The tool changer is encapsulated as part of the ergonomic design. A range. EMDM - October 2003 - Equipment News. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers
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    spindle that develops full power in its entire speed range can produce fine surface finishes when used with an infrared workpiece-measuring touch probe that has an accuracy of �0.001 mm. The machine features a C-form base frame made of vibration-dampening polymer concrete,. EMDM - October
  • Science + Sucrose=New Liquid Epoxies
    by such prospects, they may find solace in a new advance in polymer science. By changing sugar's molecular structure, scientists have created powerful liquid epoxies that bind concrete, wood, metals, plastics, and other materials. "Once these epoxies set, they become a clear, glassy or rubbery
  • Variations on CNC Chassis Design (.pdf)
    , once again, provides a window of opportunity for vibration and deformation. Polymer Concrete: Everyone knows that if you flick your finger against steel you can hear a. reverberation, but if you try the same thing with concrete what you hear is a muffled thud. and perhaps your own screams of pain
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    rotary tables. Speeds up to 250 rpm are possible on the rotation axis and up to 150 rpm on the swivel axis, with a swivel range of +-110 . A concrete polymer base provides rigidity, vibration dampening, and high thermal stability. Spindle motors are liquid cooled with hybrid ceramic ball bearings
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    and feed rates, the machine features automatic workpiece loading for batch production. A polymer-concrete monoblock frame dampens vibration and conducts less heat than frames made of steel or cast iron. The company has more than 40 years of experience developing precision machining equipment
  • Webb Abrasives Clog Resistant Technology
    by a precise combination of backing, grit, adhesives and coating. It uses a heat-resistant adhesive that prevents grit from sinking into the adhesive during friction. This flexible adhesive also allows the grit to sweep back and forth like a broom allowing an aggressive cut. A thin clear coat of polymer
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    , he explains.The machine body is made of Kern-Armorit, a polymer-concrete material, and is reinforced by steel bars. The material and unique construction design ensure vibration-free operation. All heat-producing devices are located outside the machining centre. The machines were designed
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    , the units rest on a frame of polymer concrete. "This material has dampening properties that are up to 10 times better than standard cast iron," says Rother. The company also isolated the spindle movement from the rest of the machine to further reduce the effect of vibration. Kern mills use a spindle

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