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  • Webb Abrasives Clog Resistant Technology
    by a precise combination of backing, grit, adhesives and coating. It uses a heat-resistant adhesive that prevents grit from sinking into the adhesive during friction. This flexible adhesive also allows the grit to sweep back and forth like a broom allowing an aggressive cut. A thin clear coat of polymer
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    of a polymer such as polyethylene or adhesive or a silver solder with sound-reflective particles such as glass microspheres of approximately 5 mm in diameter. A radiopaque material such as barium or tungsten was also included to enable the device to be radiographically and ultrasonically imageable
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    between linear polymer molecules ( is another term commonly used). As a result of this process, thermosets become infusible and insoluble. Thermosetting resins (e.g., epoxies, polyesters, and phenolics) are the basis of many structural adhesives for load-bearing medical applications, as well
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    PTFE coating, polymer overjacketing, and heat-shrink jacketing. The surface treatment technology is offered to customers as part of a complete delivery device solution. Creganna Medical Devices, Galway, Ireland Abrasive fiber brushes. Molded plastics can be deburred using abrasive
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    , materials testing and characterization, and polymer coating. Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 179 Branchport Ave., Long Branch, NJ 07740. Teflon-coated mandrelsA line of Teflon-coated forming mandrels for manufacturing stent-delivery catheters features a 0.05 coefficient of friction for optimal
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    not require UV light for curing. Manufactured by AST Products (Billerica, MA; 978/667-4500), LubriLAST coating is made of a hydrophilic polymer network that forms a hydrogel coating and is fully cured through low-temperature drying conditions. It can be customized for antimicrobial
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    supporting polymer network with long-chain hydrophilic molecules intertwined with it. The coatings are lubricious, aqueous, durable, biocompatible, and flexible. Applications include urology, cardiology, neurology, and diagnostics. The coatings can be modified to exhibit properties
  • Reference Guide: Typical Products Metered
    or MATERIAL. BULK DENSITY. (LBS./CU.FT.). Abrasive Compound. 148. ABS Powder. 36. Acetate. 35. Acrawax. 13-23. Acrylic Fibers. 9.2. Acrylic Concentrate Pellets. 38. Acrylic Pellets. 38. Acrylic Polymer. 21. Acrylic Powder. 38. Acrylic Resin. 29-32. Adipic Acid. 38. Albaglos. 25. Alfalfa. 45. Altomere. 30