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  • Enhanced Polyisocyanurate Foams for Metal Faced Panels (.pdf)
    with stringent combustibility standards, which is why polyisocyanurate modified. polyurethane foams are increasingly preferred to their polyurethane based counterparts. To meet this growing demand, Dow has developed and is introducing in the market a family of polyisocyanurate foam. systems under
  • Closing In With Polyurethane RIM
    the Baydur 726 polyurethane structural-foam (RIM) system. It has strength, good insulation properties, excellent surface finish, and large-part capability. The device uses 29 RIM parts that range in size and weight from a 25-lb part measuring 28 X 14 X 10 in., to a 6 5 1-in. part that weighs less than 0.75
  • Less noise and vibration with foam
    foams to meet requirements for filtering, gasketing, cushioning, noise and vibration-absorption, and heat shielding. Reticulated polyurethane provides a two-part foam filter that protects the generator engine from harmful particles. A prefilter of open-cell foam (10 parts-per-inch (ppi)) catches
  • Foam-friendly fridges
    Ever more stringent standards for energy efficiency force designers to plan carefully for the foam-insulation process. When a cabinet is filling with polyurethane foam, many physical and chemical reactions happen at once. Polymer formation reactions take place. The reaction of diisocyanate
  • Where foam fits in medical design
    A variety of different chemistries and manufacturing processes can fine-tune characteristics in foam. Foams give engineers a range of different and customizable materials for designing medical equipment. Specially cut polyurethane foam is used in this oral swab so it isn't abrasive enough to harm
  • NFPA 285-2006 Approval for Wall Assemblies Using Foam Plastic Insulation (.pdf)
    SPF insulating foams, or rigid board. The wall assembly shall be tested in accordance. stock insulations of EPS, XPS and ISO. with and comply with the acceptance. chemistries. Type IV and Type X extruded. criteria of NFPA 285. Exception: One-story. polystyrene and polyisocyanurate insulation
  • The Detection of Stud Line Cracking in Metal Stud Walls (.pdf)
    Polyurethane spray foams have found widespread use in the construction industry as insulation, moisture and air barriers. Due to the in-field application of Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam (SPF), the foam is applied under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Applying spray polyurethane foams
  • Medical Device Link .
    important to the medical device industry. (Painesville, OH) presented several new products including sterilization-indicator tapes, wound-care products featuring bidirectional stretch, and new formulas of polyurethane and PVC foams. The company noted that 80% of its products are custom made. (West Chester
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC 98 Exhibitor Profiles
    . Converts nonsensitizing adhesive-coated papers, films, foils, nonwovens, foams, fabrics, and hydrogels. Manufacturing capabilities include flexographic printing, precision rotary and flatbed die-cutting, pattern adhesives, multilayer laminations, and island placement. Design, engineering, and prototype
  • Hungry for large parts? Try a composite sandwich
    technology is a multistep sandwich composite made by combining three primary processes -- thermoforming, reinforced fiber preforming, and polyurethane foam molding. Complex, three-dimensional parts as large as 25 to 250 ft2, in production volumes beginning at 10,000 units, are possible. The new

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