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  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves Water Disinfection Process (.pdf)
    that affect people’s health. When too. much chlorine is added, the quality of taste can resemble a. “swimming pool” flavor. To ensure the right amount of chlorine. is added to water, water plant technicians continuously monitor. the process and rely on flow meters for precision chlorine gas. flow
  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves Water Disinfection Process Efficiency
    and rely on flow meters for precision chlorine gas. flow measurement. Flow Measurement Problems. Figure 1. Thermal Mass Flow Meter. In a typical large urban municipal water plant, a distributed. control system (DCS) controls the flow of liquid chlorine through. a pipe line to a chlorination building
  • Medical Device Link .
    for simulating human physiological flows that interact with devices or affect drug delivery procedures, since such flows are difficult to measure using animal or physical models. Many biomedical applications involve fluid flow and heat/mass transport in the body and in devices. Some examples include
  • Controlling The Addition Of Chlorine Into A Process
    of flow) directly from the sensor. These include multi-jet meters,. paddlewheel, turbine, magnetic, vortex and others. The signal may be taken through an. intermediate flow controller (normally required when the pulse rate off the sensor is not. adjustable) or directly into a metering pump. The function
  • Techno Robots Automate Creation of Mosaics at Substantial Reduction in Cost (.pdf)
    Mosaic4u created its own robot using Blueline motion components from Techno-Isel that fits its needs perfectly. The custom robot operates at a speed of 2.4 meters per second yet costs about $9,200. The new robot places 9000 3/8 tiles, enough to make a one square meter mosaic, in about 9 hours. Two
  • Product Highlight: NET/MASS (R) Liquid Filling Machines
    Features. Coriolis mass flow meters in sizes from 1/8" to 3" providing flow rates of 3.4 lbs./minute (0.4 GPM) to 500 lbs./minute (60 GPM). Coriolis mass meter fluid contact parts available in Titanium, 904L stainless steel and Hastelloy C. Fluid flow pathway (motive force) architectures to Coriolis mass
  • Vapor Degreaser Replacement Case Study
    usage. Multiple wash stages, with a dedicated ultrasonic stage, to provide a robust process. Automated level controls and liquid counterflows flows to reduce water consumption. and to ensure that the final rinse is the purist rinse. A conductivity meter and controller on the final rinse to monitor
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    pools. A LFMC link (see Figure 1) in its most basic form con-. sists of a field generation source transmitter and a. • Low power designs are possible, especially on. magnetic sensor that is sensitive to the generated field. the receiver side. This factor makes LFMC very. Thus, there needs to be a field

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