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Model 9500   Micromeritics Powder Testing Equipment generating system. Enhanced data reduction package; includes tortuosity, permeability, compressibility, pore-throat ratio, fractal dimension, Mayer-Stowe particle size, and more. Operates in scanning and time – or rate – equilibrated modes. Collects extremely high-resolution data; better...

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...and Percent Porosity Filled. PART B. INFORMATION OBTAINED BY APPLICATION OF WASHBURN’S EQUATION. Pore Volume Distribution by Pore Size. Pore Area and Number of Pores. PART C. INFORMATION OBTAINED BY APPLICATION OF SPECIAL OR MULTIPLE MODELS. Particle Size Distribution. Pore Cavity to Pore Throat Size Ratio...

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Pore-Level Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Brine...
We have developed a pore-level model of the immiscible injection of CO2 (a non- wetting fluid) into a porous medium saturated with brine (a wetting

Pore-Level Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Infiltrating the Ocean...
PV is pore volume; RH and RV are radii of horizontal and vertical throats, respectively; distance between nodes is l. The model invokes an iterative

Digital images and computer modelling - Porous materials
3) measure a pore throat size distribution that is convolved with the cross-sectional throat shape and the topology of the pore-throat network

Pore geometrical model for the resistivity of brine saturated...

Pore-scale description of surfactant-enhanced waterflooding...
Title: Pore-scale description of surfactant-enhanced waterflooding for heavy oil recovery Authors: Benyamin Yadali Jamaloei, Riyaz Kharrat Abstract:

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 74, 056303 2006 Pore-network study of...
pose of this work is to introduce a pore network approach for of porous sediments, consider that typical pore values found dissociation of methane

Pore-throat sizes in sandstones, tight sandstones, and shales
of 10) of change a mesoporosity regime (Pittman, 1979; Coalson in pore-throat size corresponds approximately to et al., 1985). Although not used in

1.4 PETROPHYSICS: Combined Rock and Fluid Character
electron microscope analysis of the pore structures, air-mercury capillary pressure, pore body and pore throat size distributions and GR log of each

Advances in Conductometric Phase Transition Porosimetry

See ASTM International Profile & Catalog "supported metal nanoclusters": Key Phrase page

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