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  • Adding a custom model to the NLDFT library - a CO2 GCMC model for carbons
    New models for determining the pore volume and pore size distribution of porous solids may be easily added to MicroActive. These kernels developed using NLDFT, GCMC and other variants have been available for more than 20 years. Traditionally instrument manufacturers have supplied these proprietary
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | January 2006 | FCT |
    Jankowski, The Regents of the University of California. U.S. 6,960,389 (20051101), Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods of using and products containing same, Amit Singhal and Ganesh Skandan, Nanopowder Enterprises Inc. U.S. 6,960,401 (20051101), Fuel cell purging method
  • Batteries For Life
    . The separator between the anode and cathode is nonwoven glass that allows ions to move between the electrodes. The cathode is porous Teflon-bonded carbon powder. Thyonyl chloride cathodic reduction takes place on the cathode surface when a load is connected. The electrolyte is a solution of lithium
  • Modular Air Bearings for Motion Control
    pressure until the bearing is dragging intentionally and then repeatedly flushing with alcohol. The porous carbon is a sintered material and will not "pick up or spall, " even on a soft material like aluminum. And porous-media bearings can support a rotor with extremely high precision
  • U.S. Patents | January 2006 | A B T |
    , Osaka Gas Company Limited (JP). U.S. 6,960,335 (20051101), Nanostructured and layered lithium manganese oxide and method of manufacturing the same, Amit Singhal and Ganesh Skandan, Nanopowder Enterprises Inc. U.S. 6,960,389 (20051101), Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents | October 2007 | A B T |
    (20070807), Method and apparatus for electrostatic spray deposition for a solid oxide fuel cell, Jan Robert Selman, Hiroshi Nomura, and Said Al Hallaj, Illinois Institute of Technology. U.S. 7,252,884 (20070807), Carbon nanotube reinforced porous carbon having three-dimensionally ordered porosity
  • High-performance hips
    Consolidated powder metal improves the performance of skeletal reconstruction implants. a Johnson & Johnson Co. A CoCrMo Porocoat porous coated AML hip stem sports a CoCrMo femoral head, articulating against a Marathon cross-linked polyethylene liner in a Pinnacle acetabular porous coated cup
  • p.2) Portable Power Conference and ExpoSeptember 21-23, 2003, San Francisco, CA | by Dennis Sieminski, P.E. | February 2004 | A B T |
    program a three-dimensional 400 micron thick, porous silicon electrode, flowing electrolyte, and on-board oxidant, hydrogen peroxide. The 3-D porous Si is expected to provide more active catalyst sites than typical carbon-based membranes. In addition, flowing electrolyte (as opposed to having

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