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  • Some "Trash-Talk " Worth Listening to Activated Carbons in a Nutshell
    activates, or opens, millions of microscopic pores in the carbonized shells, enabling them to hold onto chemical molecules like benzene. Another step, called oxidation, confers a negative charge to the shells that helps capture metal ions, such as those in solution. So porous are today's activated carbons
  • Carbon Dioxide for pH Control
    to store and handle. Safety. showers have to be installed and readily available to operating personnel who must wear. special clothing for their protection. The extremely corrosive acid. Porous Diffuser. pH Probe. requires special material for. Pressurized Pipeline. equipment and piping. Maintenance
  • Carbon Filter Questions and Answers (.pdf)
    using a proprietary solid-. release activated carbon into the product water. state extrusion process. The resulting products are highly porous. 3. No release of carbon fines — Extruded filter elements do not. and extremely uniform, providing high-performance adsorption. release activated carbon
  • Comparative Analysis of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Fasteners
    or plating, often add to the cost of carbon steel insoluble, and non-porous. The passive layer prevents. parts when they may not be incurred with stainless steel. contact between oxygen in the environment and base. Cost is meaningless without consideration of value. For metal and will self heal
  • Study: Carbon Dioxide May Find New Use In Producing Medical Implants
    , to investigate the potential use of such implants for patients who 've had facial surgery. Since completing their initial study, the engineers have begun using a porous glass disk to dispense protein solution onto the PMMA, instead of a cotton swab. Still, they found that the proteins don 't penetrate the PMMA
  • Medical Machining with Carbon Dioxide (Co2)
    introduced during the machining process have the potential. to migrate from the part to the patient’s body. Delrin is a relatively porous plastic that absorbs chemicals and microscopic fines all too well. No. manner of washing or cleaning would remove the imbedded oils or possible small metallic fines
  • U.S. and International Fuel Cell Patents | January 2006 | FCT |
    Jankowski, The Regents of the University of California. U.S. 6,960,389 (20051101), Rigid porous carbon structures, methods of making, methods of using and products containing same, Amit Singhal and Ganesh Skandan, Nanopowder Enterprises Inc. U.S. 6,960,401 (20051101), Fuel cell purging method
  • Batteries For Life
    . The separator between the anode and cathode is nonwoven glass that allows ions to move between the electrodes. The cathode is porous Teflon-bonded carbon powder. Thyonyl chloride cathodic reduction takes place on the cathode surface when a load is connected. The electrolyte is a solution of lithium

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