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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCP2200 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided and Software Support. Royalty-free drivers for Virtual Com Port (VCP) - Windows XP(SP2 and later)/Vista/7. Configuration utility for initial configuration Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART). Support baud rates: 300 - 1000k (baud). Hardware flow control. UART signal polarity option...
USB-RS232 Not Provided Communications / Serial / Telephone Modems 6 ft. USB to RS-232C serial adapter cable transparently connects serial devices to PC applications via a USB port. USB-A male connector to 9-pin D-shell male connector. If needed, drivers can be downloaded from (choose USB-RS232 adapter
B-F3OMUX1 Not Provided Remanufactured / Programmable Controllers FACTS Bridge CPU, two non-isolated RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 ports, interfaces DL305 I/O modules to a host computer with an OPTOMUX compatible driver, custom cable required.
F3-OMUX-2 Not Provided Programmable Controllers / DirectLogic Series PLCs (Micro to Small, Brick & Modular) / DirectLogic 305 (Small Modular PLC) / Specialty CPUs FACTS Bridge CPU, two isolated RS-422/RS-485 ports, interfaces DL305 I/O modules to a host computer with an OPTOMUX compatible driver, custom cable required.

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  • USB Driver Customization
    The information in this document and the associated software download is intended for use by developers creating USB products based on the CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller device family or the C8051F32x and C8051F34x USB Microcontroller device family. A Virtual COM Port Driver is available
  • AN-00201 - Installing the SDM-USB-QS-S Drivers
    with the. module from an application via a set of application functions and one that makes the USB module look like an additional COM port to the PC.
  • Migrating Applications to USB from RS-232 UART with Minimal Impact on PC Software
    The RS-232 serial interface is no longer a common port found on a personal computer (PC). This is a problem because many embedded applications use the RS-232 interface to communicate with external systems, such as PCs. A solution is to migrate the application to the Universal Serial Bus (USB
  • USB Device Stack for PIC32 Programmer?s Guide
    USB device requests, as stated puter's USB ports or into a hub connected to the com- in Chapter 9 of the "Universal Serial Bus Specifi- puter using a common connector type, installs driver cation, Revision 2.0" (available on the Internet at software (if the OS doesn't already support
  • USB Embedded Host Stack
    receptacle, and must be able to communicate with any device. This support may USB OVERVIEW be provided via special drivers that must be installed on the host prior to attaching the device. Hubs must be There are many excellent references on USB, including supported, and each port must be able

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