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Edge-powered portable waterjet cutting systems to demolish three 35' diameter, 32' high tanks. Courtesy Safe-Cut. Safe-Cut uses a Jet Edge-powered waterjet cutter to cut apart a storage tank. Courtesy Safe-Cut. A close up of Safe-Cut's waterjet cutting machine in action as it cuts apart an old storage tank...

Courtesy Centura Oil Inc. by Jet Edge. Centura Oil Inc. of Minnetonka, Minn., is dramatically increasing oil and gas well productivity with its CenJet 90® 90º downhole waterjet cutting system. Powered by a portable Jet Edge diesel-powered waterjet intensifier pump, the CenJet 90® uses a 55,000psi...

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JET EDGE Waterjet Systems - Water Jet Cutting Machines,...
Water Jet Cutting Machines Waterjet Surface Preparation Systems Machinery Forum Representing Jet Edge Water Jet Systems in Australia
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JET EDGE Waterjet Systems - Mobile Waterjet Products -...
1-800-JET-EDGE (538-3343) PRODUCTS Waterjet and Abrasive Waterjet Precision Cutting Systems Water Jet Pumps Used Water Jet Equipment
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Portable, Abrasive Waterjet Cutter suits hazardous locations.,...
- Jet Edge introduces the Spyder Abrasivejet Radius and Circle Cutting System, a portable abrasive water jet cutting system designed for use in

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Water absorption ? Equilibrium(ASTM) 0.16?0.35% Water absorption ? over 24 hours 0.1% Radiation resistance

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Advanced Mud System for Microhole Coiled Tubing Drilling Final...
applicable published literature in the area of high pressure water jetting and abrasive jetting with submerged jets found that while some work in

OSHA Technical Manual (OTM) - Section III: Chapter 3:...

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Metalworking Fluids: Safety and Health Best Practices Manual
Water-miscible metalworking fluid formulations (those fluids that are meant to be diluted with water) include components that slow or prevent such
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