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  • Reels-Image
    Reels - (673 companies)
    ...manual method is required to rewind the hose or cable. For electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic rewind reels a motor drives the rewinding of the reel. A spring rewind reel uses an internal spring to rewind the wheel. Features common to reels are portable... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Handheld and Portable Computers-Image
    Handheld and Portable Computers - (432 companies)
    Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs. Image Credit: Bartec US Corp. | PHOENIX CONTACT USA | Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation. Handheld and portable computers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cable Assemblies-Image
    Cable Assemblies - (1967 companies)
    Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded into a single unit with connectors on at least one end. How to Select Cable Assemblies. Cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables banded or bound in a single unit with connectors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cable Ties-Image
    Cable Ties - (719 companies)
    Cable ties hold groups of cables together for support and ease of maintenance. How to Select Cable Ties. Image Credit: Digi-Key | Grainger. Cable ties, also known as a zip-tie or tie-wrap, hold groups of cables together for support and ease... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables-Image
    Coaxial Cables and Triaxial Cables - (767 companies)
    ...but are more expensive than coax. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database categorizes cables in this product as either coaxial or triaxial. When selecting products, industrial buyers should specify the cable shielding style along with its jacket and dielectric... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ethernet Cables - (357 companies)
    ...implemented on twisted-pair cable with modular connectors. It uses pins 1 and 2, 3 and 6, in an 8 position modular plug / jack, typically called an RJ-45. Patch cables for 10Base-T Ethernet are usually pinned to the EIA / TIA 568A or 568B standard... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    USB Cables - (194 companies)
    How to Select USB Cables. USB cables are designed specifically to connect devices that use the universal serial bus (USB) protocol. They are used to connect personal computers (PCs) and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Photovoltaic (PV) System Cables - (24 companies)
    Solar Cable Systems are cables or cable assemblies that are used for distributing power from photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaic (PV) system cables are single-conductor electrical wire and cable assemblies that connect various components... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cable Trays - (273 companies)
    Cable trays are rigid-type trays used as raceways for cables and wires. How to Select Cable Trays. Cable trays are components of support systems for power and communications cables and wires. A cable tray system supports and protects both power... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cable Carriers - (133 companies)
    Cable carriers are constructed of flexible links and are used to organize and manage cables and hoses for moving applications. Cable carriers organize conduits such as cables, hoses, and chains through a series of flexible links. They are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Irradiation Processing Department monthly report, February 1964
    � i t y checks have been completed on the 16 Industrial Television Incorporated portable television systems (two � � s o t o reduce the radiation exposure received by operating personnele spline coiler ejection system, eliminate � Work continued on the qualification testing of RTD cable using silicone, as obtained i n test quantities �
  • Mechanization of the handling of hot metal from the mill line
    � rearranging the sections a crane sets them up end to end; the flexible cables and hoses, supply � � pile at one time), and the cut metal must be immediately stacked in portable slow-cooling thermostats. � differen cutting forces for trimming the split leading ends of rolled product, and portable "squirrel cage" coilers , .
  • Capabilities of modern systems for equipment monitoring and diagnostics
    � collector SD-11 with eight-channel capability and a rotation sensor; c) interface cable for control of � The portable system under discussion can also be expanded into a stationary system for monitoring and diagnosis. � has deflectors to guide the product from one line to the other and then to a coiler .
  • Submarine Power Cables
    A Swedish manufacturer uses a patented [5] semiauto- matic portable armoring machine to provide the joint armoring. � joint would not be very informative as the joint has the same appearance as the adjacent cables . A fenced coiling pad with five coilers is shown in Fig. 5.8.
  • Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice 4th Edition Complete Document
    � checks, earth impedance measure- ments, insulation resistance checks, current and voltage transformer checks, portable primary current injection � Such readings are dependent on the cable length, the size of cores and the number of parallel � Combined armature and field control is common on winder and coiler drives.
  • Dictionary of Industrial Terms
    � a final gauge in the 4Hi Finishing Mill which is equipped with front and back coiler furnaces. Wire Rope & Cable Coded continuous or periodic interrogations of the portable ground radios are used to provide the informa- tion.
  • Mechatronics and Intelligent Materials II
    coiler (coil � pollution, clean, clean air cooling device, servo drive optimization to adjust, wire and cable aging updates, so � � which is very suitable for batteries and limited space of working environment as well as portable applications.
  • Engineering Solutions for Manufacturing Processes
    We applied it to control the transformation of the galvanizing line coiler the Yellowstone Mountain forces Zinc � When using RS232 serial cable and microcomputer newsletter, the maximum transmission distance is 15 m, microcomputer and � Current market is driving portable electronic devices to become smaller and on the other hand ever increasing �
  • Advances in Design Technology
    Finite Element Analysis of Portable Exoskeleton Based on Ergonomics Parameters Model The Finite Element Analysis on Can Coiler of Gilling Machine � crane system are not satisfactory if we just control the velocity of the cable car, we came �
  • Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
    � rolled by many frame strip 1 reaches specified thickness and is sent to coiler 3 to be � � are put forward, and evaluated in combination with the project examples of Wuhan Baishazhou cable -stayed bridge. Temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and total dissolved solids measured by portable devices.