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  • ASTM MNL37 - FUELS AND LUBRICANTS HANDBOOK: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing
    ...airbrush (including PB mix) solvent for cleaning, reaction, diluent/chilling, precipitation remote "smart" gen sets with remote start/stop, telemetry integrated standalone packages (power generation, ventill ate , heat/cool) portable soil/trash reclamation, sterilization jackhammers... ...conversions) and OEM cargo heaters , engine coolant pre-heaters, ice removal...
  • Luxembourg-ECOTREL 2010-2013 Fees
    [ { " _body":["Cotisations of nvalables recycling \ of the 01/10/2010 at the 31/12/2013\n","Cat\n","Type of appareil\nCotisation\nde\nrecyclage\nHTVA\nCotisation\nde\nrecyclage\nTTC\n","valables of the 01/10/2010 at refrigerant 31/12/2013\n","HTVA","TTC\n1.1 Appareils and of... ...the son","0,0200 €","0,0230 portable €\n4.4 Appareils and...
  • noun.artifact (
    ...waste-paper_basket, wastebasket, waste_basket, circular_file, container,@ (a container with an open top; for discarded paper and other rubbish) } { watch, [ ticker1, verb.perception:tick1,+ ] timepiece,@ (a small portable timepiece) } { watchband, watchstrap, wristband1... ...or enemies) } { water_back, water_ heater ,@ fireplace1,#p cookstove... ...used by artists) } { water-cooled_reactor, nuclear_reactor,@ (nuclear reactor using water as a coolant ) } { water_cooler, device,@...
  • An Act Concerning Electricity and Energy Efficiency - Conn. Pub. Act 07-242
    ...of Policy and Management; ","(8) \"State Building Code\" means the building code adopted pursuant to section 29-252; ","(9) \"Torchiere lighting fixture\" means a portable electric lighting fixture with... ...","(10) \"Unit heater \" means a self... ...kilovolt-amperes in size; (C) is air-cooled; and (D) does not use oil as a coolant .
  • PHEV Cold Start Emissions Management
    The heater core loop was modified to flow externally cooled coolant thru the engine cooling loop and return the engine block back to ambient temperature between tests. ...System Integration (APCSI) facility During the engine cold start algorithms optimization phase, a portable 5-gas emissions...

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