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  • Indicator Probes (.pdf)
    The Indicator Probe is a special use probe, which shows the amount that standard probes are deflected in a test fixture. The indicator probe's plunger does not return to its original extended position after deflection. Indents in the side of the probe tube interfere with the free motion
  • Angle and Inline Valves Options Guide
    MDC angle and inline valves are available with precision mechanical position indicator (MPI) option. The MPI system consists of two single pole, double-throw micro switches mounted on top of the pneumatic actuator air cylinder. Each micro switch is wired in the normally open position. Wiring
  • Medical Device Link .
    , impact strength, and a wide operating temperature range. A position indicator is incorporated, as well as a red snap-on handwheel to simplify installation. A lockable handle is optional. The valves can be pneumatically actuated for automated control. Designed to serve as replacements for needle valves
  • Rope Pull Switches
    by a pre-tensioned rope pull system when the rope is pulled or the rope is severed. The type of triggering (pull or rope severing) can be seen on the rope pull switch on the position indicator. The EMERGENCY-STOP function can be triggered directly at the switch using a combined EMERGENCY-STOP/Reset button
  • The Position of the Supply Lines and Drainage as Well as Their Influence on the Efficiency and Service Life of a Rotating Union
    . Despite their high technology, rotating unions are wear parts; accordingly a certain quantity of leakage can be used as indicator for the condition of the mechanical seal. As the law of gravitation also applies to rotating unions, drainages should always point downwards in order to carry away any
  • Ten Easy Things to Do with Magnetic Sensors
    The measurement of magnetic fields for their own sake is a relatively uncommon goal outside the laboratory. It is more typical (in industrial, consumer, and automotive applications, for example) to see a magnetic field used as an indicator of some other phenomenon such as position or speed. Over
  • HyVision / SafeVision Brochure - Imperial
    To meet the challenges of today's process environments, both enclosures are manufactured from state-of-the-art materials that provide superior strength and maximum resistance to attack from corrosives. HYTORK's visual indication (Patent No. GB 2 229 2548) is the largest, most easily seen indicator
  • Medical Device Link .
    foundation on which innovation is built. For the past 30 years, ipIQ has tracked corporate innovation across multiple industries by analyzing the strength, breadth, and quality of patents and patent portfolios. To do this, ipIQ (Chicago) uses a proprietary indicator set comprised of the following
  • Reducing cogging torque in brushless motors
    Brushless dc motor windings are similar to the windings in a multiple-phase ac motor. But brushless motors also contain a permanent --magnet rotor and a sensor to detect the rotor position to produce signals that control electronic switches for commutation. The most common position sensor
  • Local Temperature Rises Caused by the Use of Commercial Mobile Phones
    different commercial mobile phones in the normal contact position during standardized conversations by employing a FLIR ThermaCAM (R) S60 infrared camera. The strength of local temperature rises is an indicator of the total exposure related to radio-frequency radiation from a mobile phone

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