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  • Position Sensor Technology Comparison
    Position feedback sensors for hydraulic. or pneumatic cylinders have used one of three. traditional technologies: magnetostrictive, variable. resistance, and variable inductance sensors. While other sensor technologies have occasionally. been used successfully in this application,. the focus
  • Adding a Tiny Position Sensor to Existing Digital Still Cameras Reduces Power Use, Improves Autofocus and Zoom Performance
    New Scale Technologies has released a new application note describing how lens systems in digital still cameras and video cameras can be improved with the addition of a tiny new position sensor. The company's TRACKER position sensors are small enough to fit into existing camera designs. The sensors
  • Application: Convertible Roof Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Convertible roof position whether open or closed require a magnetic proximity sensor to turn off the roof motor. The reed sensor can reliably sense both end positions and activate or deactivate the motor.
  • TZIDC Intelligent Positioner with remote mounted position sensor
    ABB TZIDC Intelligent Positioner with Remote Sensor. helps achieve precise control of the boiler combustion air dampers for reduction of emissions, while reducing. maintenance and operating costs.
  • Application: Automobile Brake Pedal Position Sensor (.pdf)
    other vehicles that the car is slowing down and/or is going to stop. Generally, in the past, these latter two items have used electromechanical sensors that sense the brake pedal motion and does not disengage the cruise control, the engine will continue to race forward raising the possibility
  • Application: Hydraulic End Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Finally there is a reliable way to precisely detect the end limit positions of pistons and cylinders, particularly when that detection is critical to the operation and/or can result in a disaster if the detection fails. Mechanical limit switches have been used successfully in the past, but can fail
  • Servomotors Stabilize and Position Sensor Turrets on UAVs
    not adapt well to UAVs that weigh only 15 kg (33 lb) and operate continuously for 24 hr. , Hood River, Oreg., tackled the task of creating just such a platform, creating the first 700-gm (1.5-lb) gyro-feedbackstabilized sensor turret for cameras in the ultralight class of UAVs. The forces needed
  • Linear Position Sensor MR/LVI Calibration using SenSet TM Field Programmability
    Alliance Sensors' MR and LVI series Linear Position Sensors offer SenSet TM Field Programmability. SenSet TM allows the installer to very simply and quickly exactly match the full scale electrical output of a sensor to the actual mechanical movement range of the device in which the sensor

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