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  • Medical Device Link . Managing Positive Biocompatibility Test Results Nancy J. Stark
    of the article in question. In addition to addressing these questions, the manufacturer should ascertain from the testing laboratory whether the results of positive and negative controls included in the test run were normal, and whether there were any unusual results observed in the test run
  • M521: Positive Voltage Control of GaAs MMIC Control Devices
    GaAs control devices have seen a tremendous growth in recent years with M/A-COM being the market leader in this area. The fact that these devices are negative voltage controlled devices has precluded the use of standard low cost CMOS drivers and has forced users to develop hybrid driver circuits
  • Medical Device Link . Purchasing controls for IVD manufacturing
    . The QSR was designed to apply to various types of devices including IVDs and it requires manufacturers to develop procedures appropriate to their application. Such procedures not only ensure compliance and create manufacturing efficiencies, they can also have a positive effect on the relationships
  • Maintaining signal integrity in measurement and control
    . With this in mind, here are common sense ideas to con-. sider when instrumenting a process to ensure appropri-. Vortex. Venturi. Target. ate signal integrity. Swirl. Nozzle. Positive. Selecting the right sensor. Displacement. Although it's general y obvious what quantity needs to. Turbine. Wedge. Coriolis
  • An Advanced Sine Control Algorithm Control System Dynamic Range
    shows the filter's. frequency response. This filter exhibits a maximum positive gain of over 9 dB, maximum attenuation of. almost 82 dB, and a total dynamic range over 90 dB. The highest filter peak occurs at a frequency of 177. Hz and the lowest notch occurs at a frequency of 998 Hz. Figure 2
  • Low-Cost Electric Range Control Using a Triac
    . A triac is. a three-terminal bidirectional AC switch that is triggered. by a low-energy signal applied to the gate. When this. signal is applied, the triac goes from a high-impedance. state to a conductive state, allowing current to flow to. the load. A positive or negative gate signal will trigger
  • Noise Control: A Proactive Approach at the Polaris Amphitheater
    are reported back to the. mix engineer. Everyone is then aware of. the problems approaching and can correct. them before fines have been levied. Polaris then follows up the investment in. SLAM with a positive education and. enforcement philosophy. The sound. requirements and information regarding SLAM
  • AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM)
    . Figure 4 presents the d-q estimated BEMF; however,. when the magnetizing current is constant, the. d component of BEMF is ‘0’. DS01162A-page 4. © 2008 Microchip Technology Inc. AN1162. FIGURE 4: BEMF VECTOR COMPONENTS: α-β AND d-q. Positive Speed. β. qestim. destim. Es. Eβ. Eq. ρ. E. estim. d. E. α. α.
  • Flow Measurement and Control for Small Line or Batch Processes (.pdf)
    in pharmaceutical production. g Coriolis (Mass). g Differential Pressure. g Nitrogen tank blanketing/monitoring in chemical plants. g Electro Magnetic. g Positive Displacement. Air Flow for Yeast Growth. Food processors require air. g Thermal (Mass). g Turbine. flow measurement to ensure the quality of many
  • 'Best Practice' Makes Sound Business Sense - How to Avoid the Real Cost of Non-Compliance in Static Control (.pdf)
    . generation of static if the truck loses its earth*** connection. Aluminium. 10. 2. Monitoring the bonding/grounding circuit to less than 10 ohms. Epoxy resin. 9. and providing positive indication to operators that a positive. Zirconium. 5. bond/ground connection is established. Minimum Ignition Energy

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  • A survey of data handling for air traffic control
    In Europe, positive control areas are often contiguous, so that in such a region air traffic control is exercised continuously along the route from a series of centres, and the communications tend to follow this pattern.
  • Air-traffic control
    Two specific examples of controlled airspace are class A (the positive control area or PCA) and class B (the terminal control area or TCA).
  • Airport Engineering: Planning Design and Development of 21st Century Airports - Chapter 6 CNS/ATM
    In positive control areas above 18,000 ft MSL, all aircraft are controlled by continuous surveillance and are required to have certain FMS equipment to permit the higher aircraft densities of the higher performance aircraft.
  • Airport Engineering 3rd Edition Complete Document
    In Positive Control Areas , above 18,000 ft MSL, all aircraft are controlled by continuous surveillance and are required to have certain equipment to permit the hig her aircraft densities of the higher performance aircraft Three different types of control in terminal...