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Parts by Number for Post Indicator Valve Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
3"-18" Resilient Wedge Gate Valve with Indicator Plate   American Cast Iron Pipe Company Industrial Valves Product Description. The AMERICAN Series 2500 Ductile Iron 250 psig AWWA Resilient Wedge Gate Valve is available with an indicator plate. The plate is designed to accommodate the installation of an indicator post. The valve is designed for use in drinking water, sewage and fire protection systems...
PIBV2 PLC Radwell System Sensor Sensors & Switches, Sensor Module & Housing SWITCH SUPERVISORY POST INDICATOR VALVE
PIV   Watts Industrial Valves Post Indicating Valves (PIVs) are designed to allow visual indication of a gate valve's position (open or closed), as well as the ability to open or close the valve from outside of a building or valve vault. Watts PIVs consist of a 2 in. (51mm) operating nut and post indicator plate to allow
ms60   Reverse Osmosis of South Florida, Inc. Reverse Osmosis Elements and Systems Pre-filter * Product TDS Monitor * Pressure Gauges* Brine/Product Flowmeters * High/Low Pressure Protection * Valves: Auto. Inlet, Sample, Pump Discharge & Throttle * Hour Meter * Pre/Post Flush * Panelmount Instruments & Indicator Lights * NEMA 12/4x Control Panels * Pretreatment Lockout * MS22V-MS30...

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    , impact strength, and a wide operating temperature range. A position indicator is incorporated, as well as a red snap-on handwheel to simplify installation. A lockable handle is optional. The valves can be pneumatically actuated for automated control. Designed to serve as replacements for needle valves
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    A series of snap-in light-emitting diode (LED) -based panel-mount indicators includes high-brightness versions suitable for viewing under daylight conditions. Also included in the 559 series are 5- and 12-V indicators with integral resistors; low-current, high-efficiency indicators; and two
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    pilot valves. CV valves can be supplied with fittings for either 1/8- or 1/4-in. high-pressure tubing, and can be placed in ovens. Solenoid-actuated pilot valves can be either manually operated or computer controlled. On-off and three-way, four-position valve combinations are available. All models
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    be designed with pinch tube valves that can accommodate volumes down to 0.00002 cm3 or programmable and adjustable positive-displacement valves for volumes ranging from 0.001 to 50 cm3. A z-lift can also be included to provide one axis of motion by moving the dispense valve to the part or the part
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    leakage rates from 0.1 to 20 sccm. Using a vacuum-fluorescent display and lighted indicators, the M-1000 series instruments report test parameters, dynamic test results, statistics, and final accept or reject status. Test data can be stored and recalled for display, printout, or downloading to. EMDM
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    Endotracheal (ET) tubes have a cuff at the distal end that is inflated to provide a seal in the trachea. Inflation is achieved by injecting air through a one-way valve known as the pilot tube at the other end of the line. Correct inflation pressure is important because over-inflation leads
  • Battery Failure Prediction (.pdf)
    float conditions is an unreliable. Impedance values will change but the reasoning. indicator of a cell's health or condition! VRLA. may be different for flooded and for valve-. cells also tend to float at their self prescribed. regulated cells. For instance, resistance increases. level. The use
  • Simple Advice on Desiccant Dryer Maintenance
    without a properly operating drain valve. If the automatic drain is not operating – or if a manual drain is neglected – water and oil will accumulate in the filter housing and eventually spill into the dryer, contaminating the desiccant and dryer components. The drain valves must be regularly