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    Powder Coatings - (67 companies)
    Powder Coatings Information. Powder coatings are powder materials that consist of pigmented thermoplastic particles. The powders are sprayed electrostatically onto components and then fused into a uniform and durable coating. Powder coatings... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Powder Testing Equipment-Image
    Powder Testing Equipment - (59 companies)
    Powder Testing Equipment Information. Powder testing equipment is used to measure the static and dynamic properties of powders for pharmaceutical, coating, and other solid-particulate applications. Powders are collections of solid particles... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Glass Powders and Precursors - (18 companies)
    ...some examples include flash lights and fuel cells. Sealing glass powders and glass precursors are commonly composed of borosilicates or aluminosilicates. Passivation glass powders and glass precursors are used to protect semiconductor... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Dryers - (51 companies)
    Powder dryers are devices which dry granular materials. How to Select Powder Dryers. Image Credit: Jaygo, Inc. | Labconco Corporation | Wyssmont Company, Inc. Powder dryers are devices used to dry granular materials, from free flowing powders... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • FLASH Memory Chips-Image
    FLASH Memory Chips - (198 companies)
    FLASH memory chips offer extremely fast access times, low power consumption, and relative immunity to severe shock or vibration. They do not need a constant power supply to retain their data. Image Credit: Newark / element14 | Digi-Key Corporation... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Diamond Powders and Superabrasive Grains - (76 companies)
    Diamond powders and superabrasive grains include extreme-hardness abrasives such as synthetic diamond, natural diamonds, and cubic boron nitride (CBN). They are used in the polishing, finishing, grinding, and cutting of ultra-hard materials. Diamond... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Flash Memory Cards - (176 companies)
    Flash memory cards provide electrically erasable, programmable, read-only memory (EEPROM) that can be erased and reprogrammed in blocks instead of one byte at a time. Image Credit: Advantech Co., Ltd. | Digi-Key Corporation | Wintec Industries, Inc... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Powder Production Equipment - (37 companies)
    Powder production equipment includes melt atomizers, plasma generators and CVD systems used to manufacture powders, nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanomaterials and other particulate materials. Powder Production Equipment Information. Powder production... Learn More
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    Metal Powders (powdered metals) - (223 companies)
    How to Select Metal Powders. Metal powders are finely divided or powdered metals used in fabricating sintered parts, thermal spraying, filling plastics, and other specialized applications. Powdered metals include most types of metals. Powder... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Nanoparticle and Powder Processing Services - (169 companies)
    Nanoparticle and powder processing services perform milling, crushing, classifying, screening, grading, atomizing, coating, or production of metal or chemical powders and nanomaterials on a contractual basis. How to Select Nanoparticle and Powder... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics
    On the other hand, a more reactive and thinner organic fluid such as dimethyl sulfoxide, (CHa)2S0, and finely powdered potassium permanganate will flash instantaneously.
  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 3
    Flash Composition U. S. Patent 1,964,077 A suitable mixture contains perchlorate 20, potassium chlorate 39.5, silver Ditrate 39.5, and nitrocotton 1.0%. Flsshlight Cartridges British Patent 419,658 A cartridge is charged with a' powder mixture consisting of magnesium 700900, sulphur 10-18, potassium permanganate or potassium chlorate 100-140, potassium nitrate 70-85, magnesium oxide 100-160 and charcoal 10-13 parts.
  • Synthesis of 4,6-Disubstituted Dimethyl Pyridazine-3,5-dicarboxylates
    Powdered potassium permanga- nate , 1 mmol, was added in one portion to a solution of 1 mmol of 1,4-dihydropyridazine IVa–VIIa in aqueous acetone, and the mixture was stirred for 1–5 h until the initial compound disappeared (TLC). ...acetone, the filtrate was evaporated, and the residue was purified by recrystallization or flash chromatography (compounds X...
  • Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities
    ...Compression 102 for Micro Membrane Filtration ix for Multi-Stage Flash ix, 101 Flash Treatment 101 for... ...Treatment Plant 9 Oxidation process 10 Ozonation 13, 15, 29, 100 and GAC Filters ix, x, 15, 85, 100 Ozone contactors 39 generation process 38 P PAC ( Powdered activated carbon) vii, 11..., 33, 41, 76 Potassium Permanganate Feed vi, 33, 42...
  • Countries > Canada > National > Regulations > Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act‚ 1992 > [CANADA Reg SOR/2001-286] SOR/2001-286 - Transportation of Da...
    ...not ammonium perchlorate, Class 1.1D, UN0402 5.1 UN1442 177 2158 AMMONIUM PERMANGANATE Forbidden 178 2218... ...PENTACHLORIDE, LIQUID 8 UN1730 236 2112 ANTIMONY PENTACHLORIDE SOLUTION 8 UN1731 237 2117 ANTIMONY PENTAFLUORIDE 8 UN1732 238 2575 ANTIMONY POTASSIUM TARTRATE 6.1 UN1551 239 292 ANTIMONY POWDER 6.1 UN2871 240... ...PESTICIDE, LIQUID, FLAMMABLE, TOXIC, flash point less than 23...
  • Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: Inhibition of Cytosolic Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes II and VII with Simple Aromatic Sulfonamides and Some Azo Dyes
    Visualization was achieved with UV light at 254 nm, by dipping into a 0.5% aqueous potassium permanganate solution, by Hanessian's Stain solution (14) and heating with a hot air gun or by exposure to iodine. Flash column chromatography was carried out using silica gel (obtained from Aldrich Chemical Co., Milan, Italy) as... ...column as a solution in the same elution solvent system, alternatively as a powder obtained by mixing...
  • Reactions between Oxide Cathodes and Gases at Very Low Pressures
    In some cases a barium getter was flashed at the end of the pumping process (see figure... Oxygen was either made from potassium permanganate or taken from steel cylinders, no difference in behaviour being found. ...calcium carbonate, and carbon monoxide from a mixture of 5.2 parts zinc powder and4 parts calcium...