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  • Military and Civilian Pyrotechnics
    On the other hand, a more reactive and thinner organic fluid such as dimethyl sulfoxide, (CHa)2S0, and finely powdered potassium per- manganate will flash instantaneously.
  • Synthesis of 4,6-Disubstituted Dimethyl Pyridazine-3,5-dicarboxylates
    Powdered potassium permanga- nate , 1 mmol, was added in one portion to a solution of 1 mmol of 1,4-dihydropyridazine IVa–VIIa in aqueous acetone, and the mixture was stirred for 1–5 h until the initial compound disappeared (TLC). … acetone, the filtrate was evaporated, and the residue was purified by recrystallization or flash chromatography (compounds X …
  • Wiley Guide to Chemical Incompatibilities 3rd Edition Complete Document
    On small frres, use dry chemical powder(such as Purple-K- Powder ), alcohol- resistant foam, or C0 … … Combustible solid [explosion limits in air (vol %) 0.6 to 3.5; flash point 155°F/66°C; Fire … Violent reaction with strong oxidizers, chromic anhydride, potassium permanganate .
  • Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: Inhibition of Cytosolic Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes II and VII with Simple Aromatic Sulfonamides and Some Azo Dyes
    Visualization was achieved with UV light at 254 nm, by dipping into a 0.5% aqueous potassium permanganate solution, by Hanessian's Stain solution (14) and heating with a hot air gun or by exposure to iodine. Flash column chromatography was carried out using silica gel (obtained from Aldrich Chemical Co., Milan, Italy) as … … column as a solution in the same elution solvent system, alternatively as a powder obtained by mixing …
  • Reactions between Oxide Cathodes and Gases at Very Low Pressures
    In some cases a barium getter was flashed at the end of the pumping process (see figure … Oxygen was either made from potassium permanganate or taken from steel cylinders, no difference in behaviour being found. … calcium carbonate, and carbon monoxide from a mixture of 5.2 parts zinc powder and4 parts calcium …
  • Synthesis of new functional derivatives of pyrazolidine from 1-acetyl-3-methyl-5-nitromethyl-2-phenylpyrazolidine
    … check on the progress of reactions and the purity of the substances obtained was effected by TLC on Silufol UV 254 plates in the system petroleum ether–ethyl acetate, 1:1, visualizing with alcoholic FeCl3 solution, iodine vapor, or aqueous potassium permanganate solution. Chromatographic purification of the compounds obtained was carried out by flash chromatography on a dry column [3 … The benzene was distilled off on the rotary evaporator to obtain a dry powder .
  • Fires without external ignition sources. Part 2: The hazards of pyrophoric substances - issue 109
    Somc chemicals arc rendered pyrophoric as a result (k- vigorous exothermic reaction with a variety ()f chcmicals (eg chlorates upon mixing with sulphur or red phosphorus; glycerol or bcnzene on contact with solid potassium permanganate ), or when subject to impact/frictions eg the … … mixtures (k- sodium hydroxide and ferrosilicon glow with ineandescence wken moistencd, and aluminium powder mixed with iodine … Silvcr nitrate aod magnesium powdor ignite and burn with a blinding flash when water is droprd onto …