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  • Design And Production Of Optical Instruments
    Larger lenses and prisms are often retained by cements or potting compounds . Engineers, who have been trained in optical metrology and interferometry, are needed to interprete technipa specifications and �
  • A chemical placebo: NaCl as an effective, cheapest, non-acidic and greener catalyst for Biginelli-type 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H )-ones (-thiones) synthesis
    The reaction is carried out in a one- pot manner by heating a mixture of the three � University, 61077 Kharkov, Ukraine V. V. Dotsenko Physico-chemical Department, State Enterprise �Luganskstandart metrology �, 91021 Lugansk � Thus, compound 3 (Monastrol, Fig.1) is known to inhibit a mitotic kinesin Eg5 and hence can �
  • Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials and Co-located Conferences > Structural Assessment of Advanced Tow-Steered Shells (AIAA 2013-1769)
    An epoxy resin potting compound is cast to a 1-in. depth around both ends of each shell (Figure 7) to prevent localized brooming failures of the shell ends. � shell geometric imperfections with the installed end fixtures are also measured using non- contacting laser metrology techniques.
  • Miniature electron microscopes for lithography
    In addition two MSEMs oriented at 10� apart could be used for stereo metrology of sub-micron � demonstrated that the anodic bond is sufficiently strong that solid fibers and capillaries have been diced without any " potting " compound .
  • Structural and Magnetic Properties of Triethylene Glycol Stabilized Monodisperse Fe3 O4 Nanoparticles
    � synthetic route was developed to prepare super-paramagnetic Fe3O4 MNPs di- rectly via a one- pot approach. In this synthesis, only one iron containing compound and instead of high-boiling-point sol- vents, water � H. S�zeri TUBITAK-UME, National Metrology Institute, P.O. Box 54, 41470 Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey .
  • Thermodynamic characteristics of hydrated acrylamide and polyacrylamide complexes of cobalt nitrate at T ? 0 to 380 K
    � 2 grade); the refer ence samples were prepared at the Mendeleev All Russia Research Institute for Metrology . The compounds under study were incinerated in a thin walled quartz melting pot in a mixture with a molten paraffin; the energy of the combustion of this paraffin was estimated in the preliminary experiments as ?cUpar = �46744 � 8 J/g.
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    Statistical Phase Shifting Step Estimation Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform for High Resolution Interferometry Metrology Non-Uniform Thermal Properties of an Alumina Granule/Epoxy Potting Compound .
  • Development of perfluorocarbon (PFC) primary standards for monitoring of emissions from aluminum production
    Future standards work for these PFC compounds might extend to 10�10 �mol mol�1 levels and below to � � East- alco, of Frederick, Maryland for allowing us to take real samples from pot -lines and the � Myers R (1999) Primary Gas Standards, SIM Chemical Metrol- ogy Workshop, June 7�10 8.OPUS 2.2, Bruker Instruments, Billerica, MA 01821 9.

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