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  • Pharmaceutical Powder Contamination
    Polymeric materials are widely used in the construction of medical devices and drug handling systems which come into contact with liquid and powder pharmaceutical products before the dose is delivered to the patient. The absence of foreign material in the dose is important. ANALYZE. (480) 814-8200
  • Processing of HDDR Permanent Magnet Powder
    The main objectives of the University of Birmingham, as part of the MagNet programme, were to develop the HDDR processing route for the production of large batches of isotropic HDDR powder and to develop a composition and appropriate processing parameters for the production of anisotropic HDDR
  • Powder-Forged Connecting Rod Evaluation
    materials demonstrate improved fatigue strength. on the order of 25–33% over C-70 material of the same design. As a result of the lower. scatter a more robust and compact product may be obtained through powder forging. The AISI study did not indicate, evaluate or deploy the FEA analysis technique to show
    of the powder's self weight pressing down on itself under the force of gravity, thereby causing consolidation. The shearing action is a test method to measure the frictional forces between powder particles as they slide over each other. The resulting analysis, called the "Flow Function", is a predictive
  • * Copper Concentrate Analysis by Pressed Powder Method
    requirements of routine analysis to. monitor ore grade with high precision, accuracy and. rapidity. ./922ccff1-cba0-4e96-a278-e2521597325e XRF 5041. Copper Concentrate Analysis by. Pressed Powder Method. copper ore mining,. Benchtop wavelength dispersive. copper ore,. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Advanced Reactor System for the Fine Control of Properties of Molybdenum Powder
    Extensive investigation in the two-stage hydrogen reduction process for fine molybdenum powder synthesis has been con-ducted. Reaction thermodynamic, kinetics, grain morphology transformation mechanism, grain morphology and grain size control have been studied in detail. Pilot scale development
  • Powder Metallurgy-Intrinsically Sustainable (.pdf)
    designation is "sustainable manufacturing.". Powder Metallurgy�Intrinsically Sustainable Powder Metallurgy—Intrinsically Sustainable. For many years, market conditions and competitive pressures have changed manufacturing. processes and management practices, resulting in “programs” such as QS, Lean
  • Cement Raw Meal Analysis by the Pressed Powder Method on Benchtop WDXRF Supermini200
    elsion and sensitivity, especially for essential light elsion and sensitivity, especially for essential light el. ./9c6805ce-f369-4681-8822-3bf988e4320d XRF 5040. Cement Raw Meal Analysis. by the Pressed Powder Method. on Benchtop WDXRF Supermini200. Benchtop wavelength dispersive. cement raw

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