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  • Granulating Spray Dried Powders
    Problem: While mixing ingredients in solution and spray drying into a fine powder creates a very uniform blend, the fine cohesive nature of many spray dried powders often creates problems in dustiness, flow-ability, and dissolution in downstream processes. In this particular situation, a powder
  • Cascade Separation of Powders
    Cascade Separation of Powders. Describing the theoretical work and practical results obtained in recent years in the area of classification of powders in moving flows, this book presents mathematical fundamentals of the structural, dynamic and kinetics models of the process.
  • When Powders Fail To Flow
    There are many traditional measurement methods for characterizing the "flowability" of powders: angle of repose, flow cup, tap test. Practitioners know that the information may not be useful some of the time, but experience helps to separate the meaningful test results from those that may
  • Packaging Powders - A Double Challenge (.pdf)
    Processors of powders are faced with two interesting problems that can be solved with physical test instruments. The first is the potential jamming of the powder in vertical discharge from a hopper which feeds a metering augur or conveyor. The second is the package or container that receives
  • Dispersion of Filter Aid Powders
    for the particular type of beer. A typical manufacturing process for a kieselguhr preparation using conventional agitators would be as follows: * The vessel is charged with water. * The agitator, positioned so as to create a vortex, is started. * The powder is slowly added into the vortex. * Mixing
  • Powder Chemistries
    What is Right for the Customer?. Unbelievable as it may sound, there are many powder coaters that make a job-fatal decision when they select the powder for the job. The choice of powder type and chemistry is often critical to the success of the job.
  • Bulk Density of Powders Made Easy
    Bulk density of powders and bulk materials has always been one of the major factors to consider when characterizing flowability, stacking and storage. Many methods for measuring the bulk density can be subjective at best. These types of methods can be cumbersome, time consuming and inaccurate. One
  • Water Vapor Sorption by Milk Powders
    Milk powder is a valuable commodity for industrialized and. third world countries. It is widely used in industrialized. countries as the basis for powdered infant foods and by. the baking and confection industries as a raw ingredient. In developing countries, especially those hit by famines,. milk
  • Nutraceutical Powders Need Quality Control
    This article examines the flow behavior of nutraceutical powders, the proper test method for defining their flow parameters, and the implementation of fast and accurate QC checks that ensure a smooth production run.
  • Electromechanical Feeder for Conveying Sticky Powders
    PROBLEM: An operator at Metal Coatings International was hand feeding aluminum and zinc powder into a feeder. This resulted in lumps of material falling onto the mixing blade, causing the blade to bend, resulting in a loss of material. SOLUTION: Cleveland Vibrator fabricated a feeder to convey

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