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  • Can You Predict Powder Flow Behavior By Measuring Density
    of a powder can be used to quantify or predict flowability. Food industry powders, like confectionery sugar, are good examples of powders that have low density when loosely consolidated, but can increase their density significantly when compacted. The tapped density test (see Figure 1) is an easy way
  • Pharmaceutical Powder Flow Characterization: Small Volume Testing Needed
    There is a saying: Go big or go home. But not when dealing with sample testing of pharmaceutical powders. Then the saying is: Waste not, want not. In the cutthroat world of Big Pharma, staying one step ahead of the competition is imperative. Research to create the next new drug is a costly endeavor
    of the powder's self weight pressing down on itself under the force of gravity, thereby causing consolidation. The shearing action is a test method to measure the frictional forces between powder particles as they slide over each other. The resulting analysis, called the "Flow Function", is a predictive
  • Getting Powder Out of the Hopper (.pdf)
    Tanks and vessels come in all shapes and sizes. Those used for processing powders have one inevitable issue for powders that are compressible. Core flow behavior is a given (See Figure 1) and the powder may eventually hang up when discharging. The consequence is unwanted interruptions to work
  • A Cure for Hammer Rash: Measuring Powder Flowability with Shear Cell Testing
    Preventing discharge problems in vessels and containers requires a detailed understanding of your powder's flow characteristics. This article explains how a shear cell tester can simplify and speed tests for measuring a powder's flow behavior. With built- in software to quickly analyze the test
  • Can You Measure Powder Flowability? (.pdf)
    friction, which allows them to form piles with angles relative to the surface on which they are placed. At ambient conditions, powders do not change flow behavior when subjected to variable shear rates, whereas most liquids do. When loaded into a hopper, pressure can increase the strength (i.e.
  • Processing Milk Powder - The Flowability Challenge
    Variability in raw ingredients and the need to produce various blends of finished product for different applications constitute the major challenge for processing plants. Flowability of the powders is the recurring problem that can lead to inconsistent blends on the one hand and total plant
  • Application Note: Brownie Mix
    A Brookfield Powder Flow Tester, equipped with Powder. Flow Pro software for automated instrument control and. data acquisition, was used to test this name brand brownie. mix.

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