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  • Bulk Density of Powders Made Easy
    . The greater the change in a material's bulk density from initial fill to final consolidated bulk density, the less likely that the material will flow. But, back to the easy method of realizing bulk density. Recently, Brookfield Engineering developed a Powder Flow Tester. This instrument is used
    of the shear cell is that the instrument can apply a consolidation load to a fresh sample of powder for a defined time period before running the Flow Function test. This methodology simulates the condition in the bin/hopper where the powder will naturally settle by itself. Maintaining a compressive force
  • Can You Predict Powder Flow Behavior By Measuring Density
    Function (see Figure 3) and a Density Curve (see Figure 4). Powder flow testers, which use shear cell methodology, have been around for a long time. Recent breakthroughs in the design of these instruments have made them much more affordable. In addition, they are now very easy to use, run tests
  • Pressure Distribution of Stored Bulk Solid Materials
    to another destination, or in warehouses for long term holding. Unfortunately some powder materials can gain significant strength over time under storage pressure, thereby leading to a product that will not discharge from the sacks or bags when required. One instrument that has the ability to predict
  • Dosing For Effect - Getting It right The First Time
    , then sheared against itself to measure the internal friction of particles sliding against each other. The data output is a flow function which predicts flowability based on the fill level of the powder in the bin. For powders comprised of blended materials, it's important that they do not desegregate
  • How Do Those Potato Chips Taste? (.pdf)
    the powder would behave when put into a bin and discharged under gravity feed out the opening at the bottom. More recent advancements in powder flow testing have resulted in simpler instruments which perform this test and quickly determine the potential problem for the powder to "arch" or "rathole
  • PAT Provides New Insights Into Drying
    Instruments, whose specialty is effusivity sensing, has placed evaluation instruments in and maintains evaluation projects at around a dozen pharmaceutical facilities. A nondestructive technique, effusivity supplies heat, then measures how rapidly heat flows out of a material. As an online method
  • A Guide to Measuring Paint Viscosity vs Temperature
    a nozzle or rolling. Cone/plate spindle geometry is the appropriate choice of instrument to test for high shear applications. An added benefit is that this gives rapid temperature control on very small sample volumes of 2mL or less. Cone/plate type instruments can be more costly, but that cost

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