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  • Variability of Feedstock Viscosity and Its Correlation with Dimensional Variability of Green Powder Injection Moulded Components
    In this study, a correlation between green part dimensional variation and feedstock viscosity variation is presented for the powder injection moulding (PIM) manufacturing process. A correlation of an increase in green part dimensional variation as feedstock vis cosity variation increases has been
  • Qualification Method For Powder Injection Molded Components
    is presented to qualify a PIM process that meets a final specification at a minimum cost. A rationale for choosing only the most critical process control methods is presented. book.pmd QUALIFICATION METHOD FOR. POWDER INJECTION MOLDED COMPONENTS. Donald F. Heaney, Associate Director. The Center
  • Defect-free Sintering of Two Material Powder Injection Molded Components (Part II)
    A defect-free, two-material component can be obtained via co-sintering by suitably altering the powder characteristics or compositions, as demonstrated in Part 1. In this paper, a model to ascertain the suitability of material systems to be co-sintered without defects such as delamination
  • Defect-free Sintering of Two Material Powder Injection Molded Components (Part 1)
    alloy steel or stainless steel can impart toughness, corrosion resistance, and an economical advantage as compared to a component that is fabricated of 100% tool steel. Particulate materials processing offers attractive manufacturing routes such as injection molding, isostatic pressing, and tape
  • Optimize Your Powder Induction Process
    , operators had to hold feed rates down to an agonizingly low level. The newest generation of powder inductor/mixers - called the In-line Solid/Liquid Injection Manifold, or “SLIM,” by its inventors at Charles Ross & Son Company - overcomes these disadvantages by combining and mixing powders
  • Metal Injection Molding of Co-28Cr-6Mo
    applications, metal injection molding. (MIM) can compete favorably with castings on cost. Two pre-alloyed, -25 µm Co-28Cr-6Mo powders were. selected for evaluation. One powder was produced by gas-. In addition to the property requirements summarized in these. atomization, the other
  • Isotropic Forming of Porous Structures via Metal Injection Molding
    than 1*10-13 m2 and a maximum pore radius of less than 5 µm . Water-atomized powder proved to be better suited for low-solids-loading metal injection molding (<50vol% loading) since its interparticle friction provided greater strength and fewer defects during the molding and debinding process steps
  • Powder metalstake on new shapes
    is an umbrella organization for powdermetallurgy trade organizations. Member companies produce parts using conventional P/M processing, powder forging (PF), metal injection molding (MIM), hot isostatic pressing (HIPing), direct powder rolling, and gravity sintering. The competition's nonferrous grand

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