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  • Rotary Spray Guns
    Rotary spray guns or applicators use a rapidly spinning cup/bell or flat disc to project powders or atomize paint. rotary cup or bell rotary applicators produce a fan pattern, which is closer to a nozzle spray gun. A rotating head that is shaped to deliver paint forward in a circular pattern
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    . This capability in turn helps produce a higher quality, more uniform coating. Objectives Provide precise, stable flow rates and oxygen/fuel mix ratios to thermal spray flame. Achieve controlled ignition without "popping " and "flame-out ". Consistent powder feed to the gun with controlled carrier gas
  • Powder Coating Manufacturing Process
    powder. Depending on the specific application, powder coatings are available in various chemistries, colors, effects, finishes and textures. In contrast to liquid coatings, powder coatings do not contain solvents. They are applied with electrostatic spray guns or in a tribostatic process
  • Industrial Colors and Powder Coating
    parts can be produced with color finishes as well, sometimes as simply as by applying paint. A better method for coloring metal parts is to use powder coating. The powder is made of pigment and finely ground resins. The part to be coated will be electrically grounded, and an electrostatic spray gun
  • Improved Quality, Reduced Cost and Cycle Times (.pdf)
    is the Triplex-. overall operating costs. As the. performance. The use of major en-. Pro-200—a new plasma spray gun. with very stable and defined arc. behavior, which results in ex-. 1 Metco type MB plasma-spray gun (circa 1960). Plasma-spray coating. tremely uniform powder heating. technology has been in use
  • Unique Thermal Spraying System at KLM
    ) for the first spray results. Table 2 shows the results of a parameter DOE by Progressive [3] for optimizing coating results of Polyester- Aluminum. The results of this first tested powder were very successful at KLM and KLM started spraying other powders. All coatings sprayed of figure 6 till 15 showed
  • The What, Why & How of PLCs
    components. Examples of the types can perform. To expand the relay's users of powder equipment have of PLC inputs are push buttons, functionality, additional relays taken the time to evaluate new spray pressure switches, photo sensors, or would need to be added in parallel. gun, recovery booth
  • Arriving in the U.S. Market (,pdf)
    that incorporates the interfacing. th. sive to cast as liners) into thermal spray. and sealing technology necessary to pro-. a. powders and tailoring the coatings'. vide the cooling water, power, plasma. f. properties to a specific application, a. gases and powder to the gun. The entire. o. reduction in friction
  • Surface Solutions for the Requirements of Tomorrow (.pdf)
    to form the. solid that settles on the substrate. S U L Z E R T E C H N I C A L R E V I E W 4 / 2 0 0 7. 9. 08-11_barbezat_ed.qxd 1.11.2007 11:58 Uhr Seite 3. 3 High-perform-. erating conditions—ambient pres-. Efficient Plasma Spray Guns. ance coating. Mpower. sure, process gas, electrical power
  • Low Flow Application in Coatings Industry
    . coatings to a wide scope of. for the company. Unique. applications in industries such as. applications and customization are. aircraft, computer, optical, plastics,. areas in which Hoffer Flow Controls. primary metals and textiles. Above a flame spray gun, part of a system used to ap-. ply coatings

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