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  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    such as mice, modems and keyboards (see Figure 1). Additionally, a single hub permits the connection of several USB devices by providing power through the communication cable itself, eliminating the need for individually powered peripherals. It also allows mixed high-speed communications between USB
  • Computer Power User Article - Mighty Motherboard Toolbox
    would rise. After we unpackaged our new toy, we saw that the EL wire was molded to the side of the silvery cable, and as a result the cable was wider than normal. The lighting effects required the use of the included inverter, which connects to a four-prong power plug from the power supply. In bright
  • Power Plant Thermography - Part II
    , and today's PdM specialist is nearly invincible. This paper demonstrates some of the more interesting problems, and the tools used to identify them and bring them to closure. Faults include a hot spot in a cable connection for a large chiller, a hot bus bar connection in a critical panel, a complicated
  • Computer Power User Article - SLI Unleashed
    Back in the days when 3dfx muscled around smaller companies with its Voodoo lineup of graphics cards, the PCI bus was still a viable option for graphics cards. As a result, 3dfx developed a technology coincidentally also named SLI, although 3dfx's version stood for Scan Line Interleave. 3dfx's
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS A7V880
    . The northbridge's synchronous bus architecture supports Athlon XP processors with FSB speeds up to 400MHz, AGP 4X and 8X compatibility, and DualStream64 technology. Dual-channel memory supplies up to 6.4GBps peak throughput with matched DDR400 SDRAM modules. The VT8237 southbridge manages two dual-channel
  • Protection for EOS for IEEE1394 Lines With TPD4S1394
    to electrical overstress damage when exposed to a combination of high-voltage cable power and a faulty cable or connector system that allows data (TPx) and cable power (Vp) connections to engage before the cable ground (Vg) connection. This set of circumstances is known as a "Late-Vg" event. Though
  • Various Interfaces for Rotary Encoders
    . The Synchronous-Serial- Interface (SSI) transmits data via a cable with just six cores (one twisted pair for data, one twisted pair for a clock signal and two cores for power supply). Benefits: The SSI transmission provides immunity to high noise. Drivers that meet the RS 485 standard allow
  • Sensible Sensing
    using off-the-shelf data-acquisition (DAQ) cards. The result: higher data speeds, easier installation, and flexibility in bus selection and operating systems. A conventional sensor system consists of a transducer, high-flex cable, and a controller to convert strain-gage input to force and torque
  • Open Network Eliminates Tray-Loader Wiring Problems
    " cable that carries power and data to a controller. To set up a system, the cable is positioned along the I/O point's path. The I/Os connect to the cable using AS-i snap-and-go piercing devices. One cable can connect a whole network of I/O points. If needed, a user can also add splitter modules

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