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  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    such as mice, modems and keyboards (see Figure 1). Additionally, a single hub permits the connection of several USB devices by providing power through the communication cable itself, eliminating the need for individually powered peripherals. It also allows mixed high-speed communications between USB
  • Computer Power User Article - Mighty Motherboard Toolbox
    office light, the cable's glow was not that impressive. But in darker rooms, and with other mod-minded toys installed, these cables would be a nice touch. The RocketHead 100 SATA converter is designed to give your IDE hard drive a speed boost. It comes with the SATA power splitter you need for your
  • Computer Power User Article - SLI Unleashed
    improvement in available bandwidth from the AGP bus doomed 3dfx's SLI. Because of the design differences between the AGP and PCI buses, it was impossible to set up a system with two AGP cards. That didn't stop 3dfx from trying to innovate. With its Voodoo5 graphics card, 3dfx added a second core to simulate
  • Power Plant Thermography - Part II
    , and today's PdM specialist is nearly invincible. This paper demonstrates some of the more interesting problems, and the tools used to identify them and bring them to closure. Faults include a hot spot in a cable connection for a large chiller, a hot bus bar connection in a critical panel, a complicated
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS A7V880
    . The northbridge's synchronous bus architecture supports Athlon XP processors with FSB speeds up to 400MHz, AGP 4X and 8X compatibility, and DualStream64 technology. Dual-channel memory supplies up to 6.4GBps peak throughput with matched DDR400 SDRAM modules. The VT8237 southbridge manages two dual-channel
  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1
    points. The buses selected for our facility fall into two distinct categories powered buses, including Foundation fieldbus and AS-i bus, and unpowered buses (Profibus-DP and DeviceNet). The powered bus includes the communications and device power on the same wires. The overall topology used
  • An Innovative Cabling Concept Improves Reliability for Multi-Axis Stage Systems
    shown in Figure 1, instead of a huge number of moving wires, there are 3 moving control modules, a tiny three wire shielded CAN-bus cable in a daisy chain configuration and two wires for power. In total, the complete system needs just 2 separate cables with diameters of 7 mm and 12 mm independent of how
  • SCSI Terminators
    in the system requires only two terminators and no more than two. These two terminators must be placed at each end of the SCSI cable (not at devices at the middle of the bus). All SCSI terminators require power to function. Normally this power is provided by the host adapter on the TERMPWR lines
  • Protection for EOS for IEEE1394 Lines With TPD4S1394
    to electrical overstress damage when exposed to a combination of high-voltage cable power and a faulty cable or connector system that allows data (TPx) and cable power (Vp) connections to engage before the cable ground (Vg) connection. This set of circumstances is known as a "Late-Vg" event. Though
  • Various Interfaces for Rotary Encoders
    . The Synchronous-Serial- Interface (SSI) transmits data via a cable with just six cores (one twisted pair for data, one twisted pair for a clock signal and two cores for power supply). Benefits: The SSI transmission provides immunity to high noise. Drivers that meet the RS 485 standard allow

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