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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
U2170831 Allied Electronics, Inc. LAPP/OLFLEX Not Provided Cable, multicond; 2x16 AWG (30VDC Power); Blk TPE jkt; Flex;,UL/CSA AWM; ASI BUS
U2170830 Allied Electronics, Inc. LAPP OLFLEX Not Provided Cable, multicond; 2x16 AWG (Data+Power); Ylw TPE jkt; Flex; UL/CSA AWM; ASI BUS
6632285A41 PLC Radwell Bailey Controls Not Provided CABLE POWER +5V/MOD COMMON MPP TO BUS BAR NET90
6632285A41 PLC Radwell Abb Not Provided CABLE POWER +5V/MOD COMMON MPP TO BUS BAR NET90
6632285A41 PLC Radwell Asea Brown Boveri Not Provided CABLE POWER +5V/MOD COMMON MPP TO BUS BAR NET90
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  • The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables
    -Torsional Robotic Cable --5-High Temperature Cable --6-Flexible Cables for Drives, Motors, & Assemblies --7-Harmonized European Hook-up Wire & Cordage --8-Lift & Crane Cable --9-Spiral Cable UNITRONIC® Cable --10-BUS Cables & Connectors --11-Flexible Data, Signal & Control Cables --12-Continuous Flex
  • Safety Products with Integrated Bus Interface
    that. the bus. Because of the separate supply cable for the auxiliary. all safety components are in compliance with the Machinery. power, the guard locking can also be activated as a safe channel. Directive. Many switches have LEDs integrated on the front; these LEDs. The ASiMon software is used
  • Selecting the Right VFD Cable
    THE CATALOG BY SECTIONS. Product Chapter Finder Cable --1-Oil Resistant Flexible Control & Power Cable --2-Flexible Tray Cable --3-Continuous Flex Control Cable --4-Continuous Flex Data Cable --5-Torsional Robotic Cable --6-High Temperature Flexible Control Cable --7-Flexible Cables for Drives, Motors
  • Cable Management Systems Do the Robot
    Multi-axis, three-dimensional cable carriers for palletizing Cable management is a crucial part of any robotic system, but the truth is that the methods used to attach and guide cables has not changed much in the past 50-plus years. In fact, it is often overlooked altogether. While managing cables
  • Cable Solutions for Servo and Variable Frequency Drives
    the necessary active power to the motor. Adequate. care must also be taken to properly ground these currents and not change the voltage. potential which wil affect the clock timing. Using a HELUTOP® EMC cable gland and. attaching the cable ground wire to the panel bus ground terminal are good practices to help
  • FOUNDATION TM fieldbus ITC and PLTC Listed Cables Explained (.pdf)
    - and PLTC-listed. What does that mean? At a minimum, it means these. cables meet important mechanical strength requirements and are UL-listed to comply with the National Electric Code (NEC). Simply stated, UL ITC is UL Standard 2250 Instrumentation Tray Cable (ITC). UL PLTC is. UL13 Power Limited Tray Cable
  • AS-interface (R) Simple, Robust, Device-Level Bus (.pdf)
    wires of the cable being soldered or crimped to gold-plated brass pins and. sleeves at the factory. 1.1. v2.0 and v2.1. Bus type. Master-to-slave, single master. Bus topology. Free form, unrestricted branching. Physical distance on a single signal. 100 meters. segment. Physical distance with 2
  • Protecting the Universal Serial Bus from Over Voltage and Overcurrent Threats (.pdf)
    by. Over current Protection. requirements for protecting the Universal. providing power through the communica-. for USB Power Rails. Serial Bus (USB) from overcurrent and over. tion cable itself, eliminating the need for. voltage environmental threats.The solutions. individually powered peripherals
  • Apple Desktop Bus
    . INTRODUCTION. The ADB cable is composed of four wires: +5V, gnd,. ADB signal, and power-on (of the Macintosh). The. The purpose of this application note is to introduce a. signal wire communicates ADB input and output using. PIC16CXXX based ADB interface which can be used. an open collector type signal
  • Cable Innovation makes Industrial Networking Easier, Faster and More Reliable (.pdf)
    and instrument points into common bus segments and junction boxes. The benefits. include installation cost savings, more compact cable housing in a tray or conduit and. neater assemblage in the junction boxes. Instead of running bundles of single-pair trunk. lines, cable specifiers are requesting

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