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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1-2083083-1 Digi-Key TE Connectivity Cable Assemblies 6 WAY DISTRIBUTOR TO POWER PLUG
1-2083083-1 Newark / element14 TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP Not Provided TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP - 1-2083083-1 - CABLE ASSEMBLY; HV3 DISTRIBUTOR TO POWER PLUG; 2FT
1641963 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Conductor T connector - Q 4.0/5IDC/KU-T-IP 54 - 1641963 QUICKON T-distributor, for T-shaped power branches with round cables, 2.5 to 4 mm2, wiring of the unseparated master cable with black wing nut and the T-branch with QUICKON fast connection.
1404812 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Y distributor - 1404812 PROFINET Y distributor with assembled power line, 5-pos., IP65/IP67, 7/8" connector with metal housing on 2x socket in metal housing, cable length: 0.2 m
1405497 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Y distributor - 1405497 PROFINET Y distributor with assembled power line, 5-pos., IP65/IP67, 7/8" connector with metal housing on 2x socket in metal housing, variable cable length

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  • Computer Power User Article - High-End Cable Roundup
    Specs: 8-gauge copper conductor, connector machined from solid billet, hermetically sealed, ferrite-impregnated jacket, hot and cold welded connections, 4 metal shields If you think that your power cable doesn't make a difference in how your computer runs, you're right. However, it's an important
  • Low-Shear Mixing for High-Performance Cable
    for the company's power cables used in utility, petrochemical, mining, nuclear, and military applications. By adding peroxides to thermoplastics, they create thermosetting, or cross-linkable, polymers that withstand higher temperatures than unaltered thermoplastic insulations can. According to Technical
  • Flooded Cable / Connector Water Blocking and Reterminating at Sea
    Field application of breakthrough BONDiT TM technology proves effective in reterminating flooded cable/connector assemblies in offshore oil field for immediate deep-water redeployment. A flooded high voltage power cable on a 1250 meter deployment for pile driving on a new Shell Oil platform
  • Caring for Cables
    a carrier material. Metal carriers have higher tensile strength than plastic and hold up better under heavy fill weights. Metal carriers also withstand high temperatures. Plastic, in turn, weighs much less than metal. This cuts the amount of power needed to move the carrier and may eliminate complex
  • Computer Power User Article - It's In The Cables
    Shorty cables, like this UV-reactive SATA line and grey EIDE ribbon, may fit perfectly in some spots. Don't make the Great Newbie Cable Mistake. You know the one; you figure out the cost of your PC mods down to the tax and shipping, then realize once all the parts arrive that you didn't budget
  • Cable Materials
    We sometimes forget that many cables are not designed to conduct. electrical power or signals, such as cables which support bridges, actuate. ailerons, and tow cars, for example. Mechanical wire & cable is a. big (but another) industry. There are, however, similarities between mechanical
  • Simulating Crosstalk and EMI in Cables
    Cables not only transfer the power needed to run electrical equipment,. but also the data signals needed to operate them. To prevent errors and device failures, the same attention must be paid to the choice and installation of the cabling as is paid to the rest of the system.
  • Adjustment Factors for SX Cables
    Thermon North American SR cable specification. sheets are based on 240 Vac and International/Europe specification sheets are based on 230 Vac. Therefore, all the published power output values and maximum circuit lengths are based on 240 Vac or 230 Vac respectively. The questions arises, "What to do

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