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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1-2083083-1 Digi-Key TE Connectivity Cable Assemblies 6 WAY DISTRIBUTOR TO POWER PLUG
1-2083083-1 Newark / element14 TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP Not Provided TE CONNECTIVITY / AMP - 1-2083083-1 - CABLE ASSEMBLY; HV3 DISTRIBUTOR TO POWER PLUG; 2FT
1641963 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Conductor T connector - Q 4.0/5IDC/KU-T-IP 54 - 1641963 QUICKON T-distributor, for T-shaped power branches with round cables, 2.5 to 4 mm2, wiring of the unseparated master cable with black wing nut and the T-branch with QUICKON fast connection.
1404812 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Y distributor - 1404812 PROFINET Y distributor with assembled power line, 5-pos., IP65/IP67, 7/8" connector with metal housing on 2x socket in metal housing, cable length: 0.2 m
1405497 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Y distributor - 1405497 PROFINET Y distributor with assembled power line, 5-pos., IP65/IP67, 7/8" connector with metal housing on 2x socket in metal housing, variable cable length

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  • The Importance of Oil Resistant Cables
    !. e-Newsletter. Press Releases and Articles. Press Contact. Tradeshows. Success Stories. Useful Links. CSS Accordian Menu NAVIGATE THE CATALOG BY SECTIONS. Product Chapter Finder OLFLEX® Cable --1-Flexible Control & Power Cable --2-Tray Rated Cable --3-Continuous Flex Control Cable --4
  • Molded Cables: What You Need To Know
    , plug something into the computer or plug a power cable into the wall.” Created to protect the connection between wires and connectors, molded cables have become ubiquitous not only in the wire and cable industry but also in everyday life. People are able to charge their computers, listen to music
  • Selecting the Right VFD Cable
    THE CATALOG BY SECTIONS. Product Chapter Finder Cable --1-Oil Resistant Flexible Control & Power Cable --2-Flexible Tray Cable --3-Continuous Flex Control Cable --4-Continuous Flex Data Cable --5-Torsional Robotic Cable --6-High Temperature Flexible Control Cable --7-Flexible Cables for Drives, Motors
  • Understanding Shielded Cable (.pdf)
    , large transformers can all. present high levels of both conducted and radiated EMI. Placing signal cables next to power cables can also allow power-line noise to couple onto the. signal lines. Noise Level Noise Source. Typical Locations. High. Electrolytic processes, heavy motors, generators
  • Cable Glands for Full EMI Protection
    braid at the connecting points. Q: Can a data cable with a peak operating voltage of 250 V be used to connect a device with a mains voltage of 230 V?. A: No! This could easily result in fires or lethal electric shocks! Data network cables and power cables are subject to completely different design
  • 7 cable management mistakes to avoid
    caught on one another and bind together, cable jacket wear can be significantly increased. There is also more chance of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) when power cables and data cables are positioned close together. As a rule, we recommend you space power and data cables as far apart as possible
  • Typical Properties of Multi/Cable Insulations
    such as: power distribution cables, building wiring, appliances wiring, flexible cords, high temperature wiring, industrial wiring, coaxial cables. Polyethylene (PE). All of the polyethylenes are excellect dielectrics. Outstanding electrical properties include high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength
  • Computer Power User Article - High-End Cable Roundup
    Specs: 8-gauge copper conductor, connector machined from solid billet, hermetically sealed, ferrite-impregnated jacket, hot and cold welded connections, 4 metal shields If you think that your power cable doesn't make a difference in how your computer runs, you're right. However, it's an important
  • The Micro-Z TM Cable: Patented Technology
    fight against surges. Voltage Drops along Power Cabling - Cable Voltage Drop - Micro-Z vs. #6 AWG. Test Conditions: Velonex Pulse Generator. delivered a Standard ANSI. C62.41 waveform (6kv/3kA, 8/. 20µs) into a 12 foot cable pair,. consisting of two #6 AWG. power cables, tightly taped along. its full

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