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  • Network Power Protection (.pdf)
    electrical anomaly-one good zap to your network-can sideline this entire segment of your company's operation. Computer networks are electrical systems. Network devices rely on steady, even power- as Goldilocks would say, "not too much, not too little, but just right." Power fluctuations can wreak
  • Power supplies for the next generation of CompactPCI systems
    out voltage fluctuations and interference. Also important for the. system is an output current limiter for safety purposes. This prevents, for example, a. damagingly high current flow in the event of a short circuit on a board. Other technical. requirements for PSUs are overvoltage protection
  • Time Warner - Case Study
    The major electrical outage that occurred in the United States in August 2003 represented. a major test of business continuity plans and UPS performance. The combination of huge. fluctuations in power quality that preceded the blackout, along with the outage itself, represented. some of the most
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    . For such demanding applications, radomes serve a variety of functions, including outdoor protection from wind, rain, snow, hail, sand, insects, UV damage and temperature fluctuations, all of which can impact an antenna's ability to function properly and optimally. Radomes are composed of panels that form a spherical
  • Avoiding Grid Meltdown
    voltage fluctuations and phase angle. They generally reside at large switching stations which also house circuit breakers and protection systems that prevent line faults from propagating through the system. Smaller versions of a Statcom (Mini-Statcom and D-Statcom) may reside at distribution

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