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  • Power IC for Powering Marvell (R) PXA270 Processors (.pdf)
    This reference design is for powering a Marvell PXA270 processor using TI's TPS65021, a power management unit that provides three highly efficient, step-down converters targeted at providing the core voltage, peripheral, I/O and memory rails in the system.
  • Power IC for Powering Xilinx (R) Virtex-6 FPGAs (.pdf)
    The Xilinx (R) Virtex-6 FPGA reference design is a Virtex 6 LX130 design using TPS40190 controller and TI NextFETs TM for best efficiency and performance.
  • Power IC for Powering Xilinx (R) Spartan-6 Reference Design (.pdf)
    This reference design is for powering the Spartan 6 LX150 and features TI's Swift Intragrated FETS DC to DC converters.
  • Selecting a Processor Reset IC
    -of-tolerance. Once supply voltage is in-tolerance, the processor must be maintained in reset for an additional time period to ensure a stable start-up. The processor reset function may be contained on-board the processor itself, or may be externally implemented using discrete components or a supervisor IC
  • Upgrading the ON Seminconductor MC33x64/34x64 Reset IC
    ON Semiconductor recommends the MC33x64 and MC34x64 series as the reset IC choice for microcontrollers. Consequently, they are some of the most commonly used processor supervisors for embedded controller designs. These devices are adequate for certain applications where low power and space
  • IC Chip Inspection System
    to Buy. Our Company. Who We Are. Corporate Data. Overseas Network. Partner List. Contact Us. HOME > Case Studies > IC Chip Inspection System. Products. TOP. Measurement & Control. Monitoring & Supervising. Information & Management. Other Applications. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Site Map. Site
  • Universal Power MOSFET Interface IC (TC4420/9)
    current, and logic inputs that can withstand up to 5V negative swings. Although designed as a power MOSFET driver, it can act as a level shifter, comparator, waveshaper and pulse transformer driver, to mention a few of its possible uses. TC4420/4429 Universal Power MOSFET Interface IC AN798
  • Fully Integrated Switch-LNA Front-End IC Design in CMOS: A Systematic Approach for WLAN
    A fully integrated front-end IC is demonstrated for. 802.11b/g transceivers with integrated power amplifiers. The. SP3T-LNA architecture integrates Bluetooth (R) functionality with. transmit and receive for wireless LAN. The transmit switch. achieves a P greater than 33.0 dBm at 2.5 GHz